How to get Sweeney Blob Moshling on Moshi Monsters


SWEENEY BLOB #046 (Sploshies/Sploshlings; Common

You must complete the final part of “Great Moshi Treasure Hunt”
Complete the new final the ‘Great Moshi Treasure Hunt’. Please click here for a full guide!Sweeney Blob Moshi Monsters


UPDATE: New seed flower combination

  • Any Hot Silly Peppers
  • Any Moon Orchid
  • Any Dragon Fruit

We hope you like Sweeney Blob!

Click here for 100+ Moshling Combinations!


15 thoughts on “How to get Sweeney Blob Moshling on Moshi Monsters

  1. Hi 2009fire15 🙂 Just wondering for your Moshi monster’s banner, what doe’s (C) mean BECAUSE it look’s like the moshling’s are holding it.Any help???

  2. it dosen’t matter you can sell/ givaway it re appers in your moshling zoo when your a member again and heads up when i was not a member befor and got doris when i was a member i did not have doris and i had to re plant the seeds

  3. Before my membership expired i should have let Snookums in my room so i can sell him and exchange him for two moshlings, SWEENY BLOB and UNCLE SCALLOPS, now i have long beard and nipper in my room and i cant give them for the rare moshlings because they are rare. anyone have suggestions?

    • Whatever you sell/giveaway doesn’t go away forever. It just stores in your moshling zoo. You can get it back in your room when your a member again.

      So it doesn’t really matter! The decision of which moshlings should be in your room are up to you!

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