IMAGES: Arties, Sporties, and Munchies


Row 1: Arties
Row 2: Sporties
Row 3: Munchies

Hey everyone that’s an image that has been sent in by a fan! These images may or not be confirmed but as of now it is unknown. What do you think? According to the image, that is the new moshlings for Arties, Sporties, and Munchies! Some have already been released, but there are some that hasn’t! See pic above!



16 thoughts on “IMAGES: Arties, Sporties, and Munchies

  1. that isn’t it because tasty and yolk were runners up for the design a mottling so they aren’t in game moshlings

  2. i have a good feeling this is right because that spray paint moshling is the moshling we met in the Googenheist, part 2.


    • The 2012 winner and runners up (Micro Dave, Toasty, Yoka (now Yolka) and King Toot) will be Moshlings.

      This year, only the winner will be a Moshling. 🙂

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