Quests Disappearing: Update

Today Moshi Monsters have said that quests will return soon! Check out the email I recieved:
If you can’t read that, there’s this:

Greetings Ross!
Thank you for your email. I see that you’ve noticed that the Quests have temporarily vanished from the streets! Looks like all the Monster Owners did a super-great job in helping out all the Monstro City Citizens! Don’t worry, I’m sure the Quests will be back soon. It looks like no one needs any immediate assistance at this time. Keep an eye out though, they’re sure to be back!


More news about Betty! :(




Betty!Recently, we’ve asked Moshi about Betty! They weren’t very helpful although word has it Betty will be released before the end of July! Let’s keep our eyes peeled on the Daily Growl!

Here’s what Moshi said:




Series 4 Moshi Monsters MashUps!

Today, we have Series 4 Moshi Monsters Mash Up Cards previews:

series 4


Above is the CONCEPT ART only of the MOSHI MONSTERS Series 4 Collector Tin and Packs. The Theme is Moshling Madness. The series will be released September 5th 2013.

Moshi Monsters Mash Up is back with this Moshling Madness edition! This latest offering from Topps features a whole host of Moshling characters both old and new. With over 210 cards in the collection, including extra special Holographic and Mirror Foil cards to collect, Moshi fans are sure to be delighted. But that’s not all; exclusive Moshling codes are hidden inside lucky packets for collectors to discover and unlock a virtual Moshling online to add to their Moshling Zoo! Moshling Madness is set to be another Monsterific success!



Quests Gone Missing!

Thanks to Moshi Secrets,

We’ve noticed that the quests have disappeared! Here’s what Moshi had to say:

“The quests were removed during the pirate theme as we had extra special pirate themes around the city. The quests should be back soon :)”

So they’re not gone forever and they’ll be back soon! Yipee! 🙂



How to get Sprinkles and Zack Binspin!

Today I’ve got some exciting news on some Moshlings you may have heard of!

Recently Sprinkles has been named in the zoo, in the Sploshies set. Sprinkles was released in the sixth series of Moshling figures, that were released earlier in the year. Sprinkles is currently unreleased, but we know how to get him, as I have him in the zoo from a private server! The new mission Gustbusters will be out very soon and in the third part you will get Sprinkles! No doubt, we’ll let you know when the mission is available.

So talking about new Missions, we’re talking Sprinkles being released in Season 3, Mission 5. But we’ve been seeking through special files to find that Zack Binspin will be released in Season 3, Mission 6 that will be called: Moptop Mischief. You can check out Moshi Magazine 31 – that is out next Thursday for some more details on the mission! Zack Binspin will appear in the RoxStars set along with Bobbi Singsong and some other new Moshlings!

So as of this moment (at time of publishing), both these Moshlings are unreleased, but will be released very soon. Gustbusters should be released at the start of July and Moptop Mischief should be released at the end of July.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this exciting news! Stay tuned to MME at this address (for now) and we’ll keep you posted on all the new Moshlings set for release!



Eight New Secret Codes!

Woah! Today we recieved the Moshi Monsters Magazine Issue 31 as I’m a subscriber! There’s a ton of codes in there, so why not use them:

CHOCOPARTY: Chocolate Coated Brocolli!
DINOPARTY: Cuddly Pooky!
PURPLEPARTY: Roary’s Birthday Balloon!
FESTYPOSTER1: Zack Binspin Poster!
BROWNFLY12: 150 Rox!

So Enjoy All These Brand New Codes!



MME Problems

MME is currently experiencing a very wide range of problems, including our domain which has TEMPORARILY changed to

Along with this change, we have lost a lot of views sadly.

So at the moment, I wouldn’t expect many posts to be made, the problem should be fixed by the end of next week.

Speaking of the end of next week, I won’t be here as I will be going on a holiday for a week from July 6th to July 13th. Moshlinginfo will also be away to camp and will not return until the middle of August. And I have heard that 2009fire15 will be really busy over the course of the next week! So please bear with us! 🙂

Also, the Mightiest Moshling competition will be cancelled until our domain is fixed.

Thank’s Everyone!


Summer is Here

Hey guys,

Summer is upon us!!! No school and being able to relax and have fun is great! This year I am going to camp and because of it, I am NOT going to be able to post until mid August. Ross and Fire are more than qualified to keep you guys up to date on everything moshi and i doubt you will even notice I am gone! I also think we are getting a new author in the next week or so.

Are you doing anything for summer? Let us know in the comments!

Have a Moshitastic Summmer!!!!

I’ll miss you guys


2009Fire15 has Yolka Moshling!

Hey everyone! What a fantastic weekend so far on MME! Just Saturday alone we had thousands of views! Thanks for that!

Yolka Seed Combination (Click Here) ——->

Not only views, but also YOLKA! I am sure many of you have Yolka, because we and many other blogs revealed his seed combination, yesterday!

I just got bored and wanted to show you all, that I had Yolka! 😛

I got Yolka on Saturday June 22 in the Afternoon!

Yolka in my garden

Who has Yolka? Do you!? Comment on this post if you do!

Also, thousands have Yolka now, which is pretty cool! I mean his code was suppose to be revealed on July 1st, but instead we got him a week earlier! Have a Yolk-ing day!

2009Fire15 Sig

How to get Yolka Moshling on Moshi Monsters

The leaked seed combination is here early! Enjoy Guys!


Yolka #51 (Munchies, Common) 

Any Dragon Fruit
Any Dragon FruitYolka_in_action[1]
Any Love Berries

Enjoy this moshling combination! Non Members can get it too! And he’s really easy to get!

 Click here for 100+ Moshling Combinations!