Become friends with 2009Fire15 on Moshi Monsters!

Hey everyone! If you aren’t my friend on Moshi Monsters then keep reading! If you would like to be friends with me on Moshi Monsters, all you have to do is comment on THIS post! Just leave your Moshi name! I will send you a request soon. Once you comment, you will officially be on the waiting list! So eventually you will be friends with me! Just please be patient!

Leave a comment now! 😉


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About 2009Fire15

Hey guys! I am 2009Fire15! 14 years old from Toronto, Canada! I am the owner/founder/creator of the famous Moshi Monsters Expressway website! Don't forget to check it out! Oh and maybe add/visit me on Moshi Monsters! I am also on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube! :) So visit my fan pages! Happy Monstering!

128 thoughts on “Become friends with 2009Fire15 on Moshi Monsters!

  1. My name is Diavlo6533 an I have 865 visits, I rate daily, (If you rate me) an dthen we can all reach a new monSTAR!

  2. Hiiiii!!!!! I want to be your friend 😀 Can you pleasseee add mee? My username is taylor_1975.

    Thank you(:

  3. hi i really like your style and website for moshi monsters. hope we can be bestfriends. cant wait till you are a memeber. hope you will add me singingsun1

  4. hey fabglamgirl here bubbachubba1914s brother we luv u and admire u so much we would make u our bestie and noone else

  5. bubbachubba1914 hey u add me i admire u lukey and spookygirl sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much plz reply and if mme was closing i would die plz add me and plz reply

  6. Please add me. I’m fifi2472 on moshi monsters. I’m a member. I love your website and everything about it. ( P.S. Don’t try to use the e-mail that I gave below. It is a fake. I don’t have one, yet. )

  7. My username is fifi2472. Please add me, 2009fire15! I love your website and everything about it. ( P.S. Don’t try to use the e-mail that I gave below. It is a fake. I don’t have one, yet. P.P.S. It was very clever of you to fake the Moshi Monsters Expressway’s closing. I actually believed it and I was terrified! )

  8. I’d love it if you would add me as one of your BFF s on your friend tree. I am fifi2472. I always vote on your polls and positively love reading your news articles.I love everything about your site! Also, I sent you a friend request but it said that you had too many friends already. ( P.S. Don’t try to use the e-mail that I gave below. It is a fake. I don’t have one, yet. )

  9. Please, please, please, add me as one of your BFF s on your friend tree. I love your site and everything about it. So, please add me as fifi2472. You rock! ( P.S. Don’t try to use the e-mail that I gave below. It is a fake. I don’t have one, yet. P.P.S. What is your real name? My real name is Fiona Brigid Donnelly O’Halloran. )

  10. hi those were fake by bubbachubba1914 i always check ur room to see if you have room in ur friends tree please add me will u please reply

  11. Eh Fire! It’s me the guy with the sling…And I still can’t do a question mark so I just do a exclamation mark..Anyway I’m a member and U didn’t add me yet and I posted on the 17th of March!! So Please add me soon!! And are you still having member problems!

  12. Fire! its me Suvy! from Pd, wow i found a old friend lol. I always checked MME but i never knew that it was runned by the fire i knew! nice to see you again, oh ya back to the topic, i would like to be your friend, please, i had membership, but someone obviously used 2583….. codes. My username on MM is Zap55002, i was little when registering, so i made total mistakes! so it says I’m 21 ?!?!, a boy!!!!??! and in the US? i live in Canada duh! and I’m girl and i ten. anyway, nice to see you again!


  13. u are my role model someone i look up to in moshi monsters my use is bubbachubba1914 i go on here every day no lie

  14. By the Way i go on here every day a just have fun ! please add me im bubbachubba1914 has mme3.0 come out addme please

  15. Hello! Please add me! I am fifi2472 on moshi monsters! I am a moshi member! I am 9 years old! I think that you should add me because I was born on February 29. February 29 only happens every 4 years. I have only been alive to leap years so , besides being 9, I am also 2 and a quarter. 2 leap years and 1 normal year. I really hope that you accept the friend request I sent you. Please remove some of your other friends. I will be very grateful if you made me 1 of your friends on your friend tree.( P.S. I play your survey a lot and I play your quiz a lot. P.P.S. Don’t send me an e-mail because the one below is fake. I Don’t have one at all. )

  16. Hey, 2009fire15! Please add me on your friend tree.( I am a moshi member!) P.S. Thanks for the awesome videos that you posted on this website! P.P.S.I have taken your site survey many times( 4-6 ) Bye!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Can u please ad dme 2009fire15?
    I have been getting quite alot of homework lately so i have not been able to post.Please add me.By the way can i have your email so i can send u an invite to work on my site?
    From gem.
    P.S my username is jemarocks
    i am a katsuma.

  18. I’m in a sling because i fell playing gaelic.IT’S AN IRISH SPORT!!
    And I VISIT YOUR SITE AND LUKEY’S every day except Thursday!! Please add me!!! Name is thomas201213

    I couldn’t do the two dots because of the sling.. Anyway please add me!!! I injured my right hand

  19. Please add me? :’D
    I come here daily, Checking codes, news, and other. Your blogs pretty cool. My username is “ediesonz” Tank yooh! ,_,

  20. Please add me! I always love all the newsletter you send your fans & you rock! I would be very happy if you add me !
    My username in Moshi monsters is : samamareza

  21. Please add me because I visit your site almost daily! I love MME and MM! My username is: goldenchildngo Please add me!

  22. I have been trying to friend You since I found Out about MME
    but ive only got Rosscp as a friend as in The MME Team.
    It always SHOWS UP AS Sorry, This Person has too many friend requests. My Name on Moshi Is neddyboy12345

  23. Am I a BF on your tree yet? Since that was in the prize list.BTW, what are you going to interview me about? And have you got the porzes sorted out yet, haven’t received an email yet? XD

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