Membership Contest (Winner!)

The winner is… POMPOM450!

He came out of the draw! Thank you everyone!


54 thoughts on “Membership Contest (Winner!)

  1. Moshi monster user: tasha27705
    maybe this 1 month membership can give me 1 month membership i try to get this moshi monters
    membership code but i can’t.

  2. Moshi Owner Name: hipster_swag
    I deserve the moshi membership because i love moshi monsters and think it is awesome! I would love the oppurtunity to explore it more and unlock adorable moshlings. It would give me more to do in my spare time.
    Thanx! xoxoxoxo

  3. Pompom450 is not a member i went on moshi monsters i saw why is he still not a member PS HE IS A BOY I SAW ON MOSHI MONSTERS HE IS A BOY FORGET MME WHY IS HE STILL NOT A MEMBER?

  4. We deserve a membership because we have never had the opportunity to get any kind of membership so this would be the best opportunity in the world! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  5. NAME:Lavender2482
    i deserve membership because if i find out anything about rare moshlings like betty and busling i will post on how to get them AND I AM A HUGE FAN OF MME I VISIT THIS WEBSITE EVERYDAY BUT I NEVER COMMENTED 😛

  6. Name:Sally2482
    i deserve membership because i never was a member i guess and i would love to know how it feels being a member and I AM A BIG/HUGE FAN OF mme.

  7. Mame on Moshi monsters:Amber6063
    Why i deserve membership well first when i get get membership i will try to find out how to get betty and busling Zomgarm has betty but he did not tell anyone how to get betty So when i find out how to get them i will have them on my zoo and i can show everyone that i have them and tell them how to get them.

  8. Username- Ediesonz

    May I have the membership? 🙂
    I’ve been an old time viewer since 2011.
    I truely loved this website and hope to win the membership.

  9. My Owner Name Is book-worm7 I Need Membership Because I Want To Get As Much Moshlings I Can.I Wanted To Get Membership Since March And My Parents Never Got Me It.Can I Please Have 1 Month Membership?

  10. and also i would love the membership for the scavvenger hunt and also to get more moshlings in my zooo + all my friends are members i wont be 😦

  11. hi please can i have the membership as mine runs out on sunday and i love your monster and blog. i probably wont get it as i always lose something if it is to do with moshi.e.g: on monday me and my stepsister had a contest with my bff to see who can have his rooby figure and she got it!!! thankyou from mrkippling23 (my ownername)

  12. I think I deserve a membership because REALLY wont to be a super moshi and I love moshlings and by doing missions I can earn moshlings!

  13. I think I deserve a Moshi member ship because I love the moshlings and I can get new ones if I’m a member ( and I would tell other people to enter.)

  14. HI I’m thegamer1700 and I think I deserve a moshi membership because I would like to have a moshling zoo and have all the privileges Moshi Members have.

  15. owner name: mmm4928

    I deserve membership because i don’t have enough money and im kind to my friends collect moshlings give gifts(if i can) and my brother has blood cancer =( but best of all i love moshi monsters and mme!

  16. Moshi Owner Name: coolashley1

    I deserve moshi monster membership as I love to play Moshi Monster since years ago, and I still love it. Being a member will be cool as I can earn more rox and own more moshlings.(especially the rare ones. Moshlings are just so cute. I would love being a super Moshi too. Also, I am a huge fan of moshi monster expressway and I frequently check your website for fun updates on Moshi monsters and codes. 🙂 Thank you.

  17. hi MME , i like to have a free one moth membership because my parents won’t allow me and i love moshlings and thank you very much

  18. I deserve moshi monsters membership because i love playing moshi monsters i enjoy it always and makes me happy. i always visit my monsters at least 3 times a day to feed my monster i love collecting moshlings , i want to explore more about moshi monsters i want to play missions and want to buy rare items , I love to give my friends a gift. Iam a HUGE fan of MME
    I always visit it daily because it is helpful for me and MME is always updated.( i love moshimonsters)for me being a member is an extraordinarry experience.. I want to explore more.. IAM A huge fan of moshimonsters.. ^ ____ ^ my monsters owner name is “Daniree” thank you.. 😀

  19. User name: Zap55002

    i think i deserve a i month moshi membership because the benefits are awesome and fun. i have a few requests every day, sadly i cant accept those poor things because my friends tree is full. i also like sending gifts to those who are right to get a gift. its amazing to have and enjoy friends. Thank you for hosting this membership contest.

    Good Luck


  20. Owner Name: ilovestcroix
    I think I deserve a Moshi Membership because I have been asking my parents for Moshi Membership for about 3 years now. I really love exploring Monstro City. I want to visit the Port, the Underground Disco,Collect more than one moshling,send gifts to my friends, Become a Super Moshi! and experience spectacular things on Moshi Monsters.

    I really hope that you also think I deserve Moshi Membership!

  21. Moshi Monsters Owner Name: thomas201213

    I think I deserve a Membership because I really love Moshi Monsters and would love to collect lots more moshlings and unlock More stuff On The best gaming site I know. I really love MME and can’t wait for 3.0!! Many thanks THOMAS201213

  22. Owner Name: furry4216

    I deserve a moshi monsters membership because I love moshi monsters so much. I always wanted to be a member but the nearest shop that sells them is miles and miles away. I would love
    to be a moshi member and good look to anyone who enters.

  23. I deserve a moshi member ship becus i went to by one at the store to by one and all of them where broken! My owner name is Gopygoo

  24. I think I deserve to win the Moshi Monsters membership card because I really want to have a chance to play all the moshi volcano games! I mean I really wish to be a super moshi!

    Hope to be the lucky winner!

    Moshi monsters username (samamareza)

  25. owner name: abbigoogoobear and abbigoogoobear213
    (both of them are my accounts)
    I deserve it because I love moshi monsters and I’m 8 years old and until i become old i’ll still play it I promise 🙂 and not let them die because that’s gonna be sad

  26. OWNER NAME: junzhe4055

  27. Username: Pineapple-paradise

    I would love to give my little brother the chance to experience moshi membership, he is really sick atm and he will be really happy, suprised and full of joy if I give him the news he won!

  28. junzhe4055:
    I think I should deserve the 1 month membership card because I am a huge fan of Moshi Monsters Express and always check MME everyday and I love all your pages.MME really helps me with really hope this website will stay and it will never end.


  29. I deserve a moshi monsters membership because I have been here a long time and I only have one membership so please I will need another.


  30. Name: Budeyboy5000

    I think I deserve a Moshi Membership because I’m a huge Moshi Monsters fan, I have tons and tons of merchandise and because I love MME! Although, I am a member, my membership is running out soon.

  31. Name: Moshlinginfo

    I think I deserve a moshi membership because i love to collect moshlings, add new friends, play super cool missions, and in general love all of the extra features a membership can give you! (who does’t?) Good luck to everyone else who enters!

  32. Name: Reggie2524
    I deserve the membership because my friend has never had a membership, and i would like to suprise her! 😀

  33. Name: Pompom450

    I deserve a moshimonsters membership because I never had the opportunity to be one. I love Moshimonsters and MME!
    I will send gifts to my good friends!

  34. Example Entry:

    Moshi Owner Name: 2009Fire15
    I deserve a Moshi Membership because I love Moshi Monsters. I am a huge fan, and would love to explore around more. I love collecting moshlings and sending gifts to my friends. Being a member is awesome! I am also a HUGE Moshi Monsters Expressway fan and I visit daily!


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