Say Au Revoir to Rox Plants!

Say Goodbye to Rox Plants!

Okay, let’s set the scene! You’re in your moshling garden one plant away from getting ‘IGGY’, you’re all time favourite moshling. But what… There’s a… There’s a… There’s a… ROX PLANT!

  • Dont you just hate that 17% of your plants are rox plants!

Oh well, now it’s time to say goodbye to them. We’ve not seen a lot of them recently, mainly due to all these bugs going about with the eggs, moshlings, scarecrow going missing and the launch of the new Moshling Eggs in October?

  • They haven’t been spotted since October, some people say!

Do you like Rox Plants or do you just despise them?? 😛 COMMENT!!


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12 thoughts on “Say Au Revoir to Rox Plants!

  1. once i nearly got general fuzuki but one was a rox plant! oh and the worst part is that i got absolutly no rox! and it took 10 times of getting just rox plants!

  2. I detest them…I despise them and all other words begining with D I could have gotten Shishi but a ROX PLANT showed up glad they got rid of them.And it only gave me 1 rox!To be totally totally honest, I hate them!>:<

  3. Oh i hate rox plants all right!!!!I nearly got a rare moshling which was iggy and i got two plants right but the last one popped up with a rox plant and it only gave me two rox!!!So anoyying, i dont think they should have rox plants but to be honest they are a bit helpful sometimes when you get lots of roxs from them.Sorry rox plant lovers but i disagree with you rox plant lovers
    from jema, the editor

    p.s if you would like to add me on moshi monsters then my username is jemarocks, please add im trying to gett 170 people to be my friend before my one month moshi membership expires

    thanks from jema

  4. I hate rox plants…Once I was getting Mini Ben and I got a rox plant and I only got 2 ROX!! And the seeds cost 15 rox!! That’s a loss of 13 rox!! To be honest..I hate them 😦 Soz rox plant lovers

  5. Rox plants are annoying but sometimes if your trieing to get a rox plant for a moshling there good and they give you rox but besides that there really annoying when your trying to get a moshling and you get a rox plant.

  6. I don’t like rox plants cuz even though they get you money it’s just not worth it to let it grow just to get an itsy-bity chunk of rox. Plus they annoy me!

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