Get More Than One of the Mission Moshlings!!

Now you can get more than one of all the mission moshlings, including:

Baby Rox; Wurley; Plinky; Cherry Bomb; Holga; Penny; Tiamo; Gabby; Tomba; Wallop; CocoLoco; Rofl; Woolly; Pocito; Tingaling; Bobbi Singsong; Scarlet O’Haira; Fizzy; Judder; Captain Squirk; Dr. C Fings; First Officer Ooze; Splutnik; Yoyo and Marcel!

Easily complete the mission again (For Season 3 Missions just complete the last part) and Voila you will have the Moshling again! You can do this as much as you want, meaning you could have fifty Gabby’s if you really liked her! lol! 😉

So Enjoy!!


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5 thoughts on “Get More Than One of the Mission Moshlings!!

  1. Hi my friend adam1559 told me that his friend went to the knew moshi hq and his friend told him that raffles was going to be in the naughties and shoney and hissy will be coming out soon.

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