Googenheim Disappears

Hey guys,Image

today I was checking out Monstro city and it seems that the Googenheim has disappeared off of Ooh La Lane. That’s right, it’s gone! My guess is that a mission is going to be released where you have to save the Googenheim. Could CLONC be up to more evil? I guess we will have to wait! What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments!

Also, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Boston after todays horrific events at the Boston Marathon. Whoever would do something like that is a horrible person that does not deserve to live. Stops have to be made to terrorist attacks like this happening in the future. Stay strong.



6 thoughts on “Googenheim Disappears

  1. I know exactly what happened!! Please post this on your site: ”It’s a new mission called THE GREAT GOOGENHEIST!” Please give me credit though xxx

    And if you want proof check pg.33 of Moshi mag #28

  2. What? I didn’t know that they changed the homepage! What’s it like now? ( P.S.Is the homepage the page with I.G.G.Y. bouncing all over it?)

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