Latest Secret Codes

Hey everyone! Lots of new fans rolling in day by day! The MME community is HUGE- on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube! Don’t forget to connect with us! We are all a family 😉

Anyways.. Since our code page is under construction, I thought I’d post all the newest codes out there! You can also find them on our left sidebar 🙂
Latest secret codes on Moshi Monsters

Sunshine Berries – TAP46
Swirlberry Muffin – SWIRLY
Circus Wallpaper – CIRCUS2456
Peppy Poster – PEPPYPOSTER
Spring Chick – DRESSUPFIX
Choc Shrimp Cookies – CROC2345
Essence of Blue – SERENE
150 Rox Code – 8REDSUN
100 Rox Code – KATSULONUS
50 Rox Code – FIFIROX
50 Rox Code – 50SMYTHS
Sunhat – SUNHAT
Tophat – TOPHAT

Hope you all enjoy the codes! 🙂 Make sure to leave comments if we missed any codes! Sharing is caring 😉

Lots more to come! Stay tuned monsters!

Oh and BTW, I have many friends from that “Become Friends With 2009Fire15” post! If you want to be my friend, comment! I am now a member and active! 😀



13 thoughts on “Latest Secret Codes

  1. Hey, fire. I think you should fix the Latest Secret Codes page, on the top left corner ,because the code for the Eyeplant is HAPPY44, not HAPPY14.

  2. HI! For the EYEPLANT the code is HAPPY44. If you use HAPPY14, it WILL NOT work!! Also, I could only use the code DRESSUPFIX one time. It would not let me use it two times and get both a spring chick and a daffodill. I have the daffodill. How do I get the chick? Thanks for your help!!

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