Thank you everyone, fans, friends, family, parents, teachers, Moshi Staff, EVERYONE. You guys are totally awesome!

I hate to say it, but I will have to shut MME down, close it, and delete it. We will not be reopening ever again.

Cheer up, there are many other great blogs/sites for Moshi out there! We had a great (almost) 3 years with everyone! Thanks for making it the best!

10 views a day, then a 100. We got up to 1,000 a day, then even 2,000. We got bigger, and sky highed up to 7,000+ on some special days! Now we sit at ~1,915,000+ views. Thank you.

Before we close tonight, I want to say 😦 ……………………………

















We repeat, MME will not and never be closing down! Yes We’re not joking!! πŸ˜€

LOL we gotcha! πŸ˜› Sorry if anyone found it as scary news at first, we just wanted to prank you for April Fools Day today! πŸ˜‰ Don’t worry, we won’t be closing, at all πŸ˜‰ We will be open for years, and years, and years to come! Haha!

For now, Happy April Fools! We hoped you liked our prank! πŸ˜‰ Did you prank anyone yet? Let us know! We pranked thousands of you! LOL! We hope you will continue to visit MME daily!

Oh, Β And yes, MME will be upgrading on the 3.0 major update sometime in May! Stay tuned!

-2009Fire15, Lukey140701, Rosscp, WR12 (Moshlinginfo), & The rest of the MME team. πŸ˜€

Photo: Have the kids had fun playing pranks today?!</p><p>To celebrate this side-splitting day there are some special items over at Bizarre Bazaar that the kids can get their paws on now! </p><p>Enter here to check them out >>>

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About 2009Fire15

Hey guys! I am 2009Fire15! 14 years old from Toronto, Canada! I am the owner/founder/creator of the famous Moshi Monsters Expressway website! Don't forget to check it out! Oh and maybe add/visit me on Moshi Monsters! I am also on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube! :) So visit my fan pages! Happy Monstering!


  1. Clever idea, 2009fire15! You really got me there for a second! (P.S.Don’t try to use the e-mail that I gave below. It is a fake. I don’t have one, yet.)

  2. OMG! I can’t believe that you actually responded to my comment! When I read the article that said that MME was closing down I thought, what? But 3.0 is going to launch sometime soon! I won’t even get to see the good-bye! ( P.S. Don’t try to use the e-mail that I gave below. It is a fake. I don’t have one, yet. P.P.S. You rock! )

  3. I love your website, 2009fire15! Please, please, please, add me as a friend on your friend tree! ( P.S. Don’t try to use the e-mail address that I gave below. It is a fake. I don’t have one, yet. )

  4. You terrified me! I thought that you were closing down for real! I would hate it if you closed down! I love how your site actually has things to do on it. For example, you have fun polls, cool news updates, awesome videos ( though you need more of them ) , amazing quizzes/surveys, and you allow people to comment. Also, you give out free codes. If I kept on listing all the good things about your site, it would be about a page long! ( P.S. When are you deciding on what is going to be the new template? P.P.S. Don’t try to use the e-mail that I gave below. It is a fake. I don’t have one, yet. )

    • Haha thanks for the great comment!

      Lots of new videos coming soon!

      We will be revealing the new template sometime next week!
      Stay tuned! We won’t be picking the template, you and the MME fans will!

  5. It would be awesome if everyone could just lighten up and take it for the great prank that it was. Nice job guys, but now you’ll have to come up with something even better for next year! Haha, Happy Pranksgiving. πŸ™‚

  6. When i looked at the title of your page before i read this im thinking, ‘why are you so happy, your closing down?’ then i read this and “ooooo, that’s why’ Anyway that wass a good prank, you got me!

  7. I knew it….hahahahahahahahaha you guys are sooooo funny thats why i love this site
    5** rating Haha thanks
    p.s you still havent added me!

  8. NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!! We teach our children to tell the truth and that was an out and out LIE!!!!! Its only funny if done on one day and you have to end by mid day on April !st.
    I am glad you are not going though xx

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