Note to all mme authors

Hi Everyone, just quickly can you all check your emails (2009fire15; Luke; Wr12) and all 4 New Authors for 3.0. + Reply!!



Code for Sludge Fudge

Code: SIT49


How to get Raffles Moshling on Moshi Monsters


RAFFLES #021 (Naughties; Ultra Rare)

Raffles_Trans[1]Complete part 3 of The Googenheist mission (Season 3)

Seed code coming soon!
Enjoy this moshling combination!

More information coming soon! Stay tuned, as this post will be updated again soon!

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Season 3, Mission 3, Part 3! The Googenheist! EARLY REVIEW!

We have officially confirmed that you will get Raffles in Season 3 – Mission 3 – Part 3 (The Googenheist) A lot of Threes! Here are some pictures we managed to grab whilst being the first Non-Moshi-Staff to play the game! How Awesome!! The mission is not out untll Friday though! =D
22 twotwo-Rosscp


Every Single Moshling to Have a Seed Combination

Moshi Staff have just confirmed that every Moshling will be available as a seed code Moshling one day. Such as Long Beard will soon be available as a seed code!

ie. Blingo is available through a secret code from the Buster’s Lost Moshlings book, but soon there will be a seed code for him (as that is why we have the locked seed combination sign on pages.

Betty will be available soon! There is only one person, who is Moshi Staff with Betty, zomgarm. We have word that he will be first available around May 24th – Just about the time MME 3.0. is launching! WOOT!

So there’s all your good news for today!!

-Rosscp & 2009Fire15

Free Magnifying Glass!



Free Chocolate Coated Brocolli!



Raffles named in Moshling Zoo! :)

Today Raffles has been named in the Moshling Zoo! We think that you are going to get Raffles in part 3 of the ‘Great Googenheist’ mission that will be our next Friday, 3rd May! Here is his name in the zoo:


This is just concept art, meaning this is what Raffles should look like in the Moshling Zoo! 

Comment and let us know: Do you like Raffles or not!!




2009Fire15 Levels Up To 36!

Finally levelled up after how long? It was nice after a while! Check it out!


Say Au Revoir to Rox Plants!

Say Goodbye to Rox Plants!

Okay, let’s set the scene! You’re in your moshling garden one plant away from getting ‘IGGY’, you’re all time favourite moshling. But what… There’s a… There’s a… There’s a… ROX PLANT!

  • Dont you just hate that 17% of your plants are rox plants!

Oh well, now it’s time to say goodbye to them. We’ve not seen a lot of them recently, mainly due to all these bugs going about with the eggs, moshlings, scarecrow going missing and the launch of the new Moshling Eggs in October?

  • They haven’t been spotted since October, some people say!

Do you like Rox Plants or do you just despise them?? 😛 COMMENT!!