Free ‘Mysterious Beat’ Moshling Seed for Mysterious Moshling!! Who Will It Be?

Everyday for the past sixteen days on the Series 6 Moshlings Page on the Moshi Store Website, Moshi Staff have been releasing letters for  a special unique Moshling!! 😀 Here is the code:


The seed you get is called ‘Mysterious Beat’. I am very unsure what Moshling you will get! Although the Moshling Seed looks very similar to Roxy’s Radiant Rose, but with a different name. But all will be revealed in five hours! 🙂 I personally can’t wait, but the only bad thing is you need to wait five hours for the seed to have fully grown.

How do you use the Code?
Use the Secret Code and go to your Moshling Garden, and plant that seed ‘Mystersious Beat’ Moshling Seed along with any other two moshling seeds and wait five hours return to your garden and voila you will have your moshling!

I wonder who it will be! I am so excited and I am sure you all will be too!

Tomorrow morning UK Time, I will get up early to make a post, or I will make a post after school! Or maybe one of you MME fans will comment with who you get!!

Further updates on this story will be posted below after the signature or in a complete brand new post!


9:00PM – Logical Confirms that its not Roxy!

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