Somewhere Clover the Rainbow – Part 1 + SPOILERS of Part 2-7

Calling all Super Moshis! O’Really has a big problem. He’s lost the all the colours to his rainbow. Will you help him find them?

This mission takes you all the way to Cloud City where you’ll hang out with Nimbus and even get a sweet new item for your monster’s room, some XP, and FREE Rox. The best part? At the end of this 7-part mission you’ll get a MOSHLING! Yippee!

DISCLAIMER: The Part Numbers are not confirmed for the items!
Part 1 – Free Item ‘Radical Red Lobster Phone’, 50 Rox and 100 XP and A Secret Code – LOBSTER!
Part 2 – Free Item ‘Orrible Orange Crab Cupcakes’, 50 Rox and 100 XP
Part 3 – Free Item ‘Yucky Yellow Oobla Doobla’, 50 Rox and 100 XP
Part 4 – Free Item ‘Vivid Violet Banana Stick’, 50 Rox and 100 XP
Part 5 – Free Item ‘Gooey Green Beanstalk Beans’ 500 Rox, 200 XP and O’Really Moshling!
Part 6 – Free Item ‘Bodacious Blue Dragon Floaty’ 50 Rox and 100 XP
Part 7 – Free Item ‘Icky Indigo Oobla-Oil Lamp, 50 Rox and 100 XP

How not awesome is that?? We want a new exclusive Moshling – but this will have to do!!


Part 2 will come out on 11th
Part 3 will come out on 13th
Part 4 will come out on 15th – MEMBERS ONLY!
Part 5 will come out on 18th – MEMBERS ONLY!
Part 6 will come out on 20th – MEMBERS ONLY!
Part 7 will come out on 22nd – MEMBERS ONLY!

Enjoy Monsters!!

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