‘Snozzle’s to be on shelves by end of March’ says Mr Moshi – possibly a dig at MME

Mr Moshi says…

Some of you may have seen articles in today’s newspapers about the Ultra-Rare Moshi Monsters character Snozzle Wobbleson missing from collectable packs in the UK.
I’m the creator of Moshi Monsters and wanted to apologise directly to our loyal fans for the mistake.

We are a team of 180 people (mostly based in London) who are passionate about creating inspiring and magical children’s entertainment. It is a great industry, but with hundreds of partners on board, mistakes occasionally happen. On this occasion, our toy partner, Vivid, experienced a production issue which meant that no Snozzle Wobblesons were included in the first batch of packs. As soon as we discovered this, we have been communicating to fans about next steps. Rest assured that Vivid are doing all they possibly can to resolve the issue and get Snozzle on shelves asap (hopefully by the end of March) and we are working closely together with them to make this happen.

In the meantime, fans are invited to ‘Snozzle Saturday’ which is being held in The Entertainer stores across England and Wales on March 16th. Here you can swap any Moshling for a free Snozzle Wobbleson – please check The Entertainer website for your local store and further details nearer the time. You can also get further information from the customer services team at Vivid – support@vividstore.co.uk

I’ll be visiting some of the stores on the day to hand out signed Snozzle Wobblesons and meet Moshi fans (details of locations will go up at the Daily Growl nearer the time)
Snozzle is one of my favourite characters and so from now on March 16th will be officially known within the World of Moshi as Snozzle Wobbleson Day. We’ll celebrate the mysterious and elusive jelly headed monster with all sorts of weird and wonderful Wobbleson related activities.
We appreciate the lengths that our fans go to in support of Moshi Monsters and the passion they feel for the characters and stories. We’re lucky to have you and we’ll do our best to avoid similar mistakes in the future while striving to create extraordinary entertainment for our millions of fans around the world.

All the best
Mr Moshi
(aka Michael Acton Smith)

He then took to FaceBook to say.. ‘More information to follow shortly about ‘Snozzle Saturday’ in Scotland!’

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2 thoughts on “‘Snozzle’s to be on shelves by end of March’ says Mr Moshi – possibly a dig at MME

    • Same. I live in Scotland. England get all the special treatment. Wales is smaller then Scotland! They should realise the bigger the country the bigger the sale? Are Micro Moshi Avaliable in USA??

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