MME Goes ℜαηḓøღ! Annoying Pinboard Glitches strike again!

MME is going Randomly Blue for the rest of February – maybe more!! Enjoy!!

This from the Moshi ‘Help Page’.

Pinboard close “[x]” button not working!

Hi guys! It seems that as of late yesterday afternoon, the [x] button you use to close pinboard messages isn’t working – the big “X” inside the circle still is, however this returns you to your room:

For the time being, this means that the only way to send several pinboard messages one after the other is to go back to your room between each one, which is pretty annoying 😦

We’ve raised this as a bug and we’ll try to get it fixed it as soon as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Some messages aren’t being sent when it says sent too!

Enjoy, Maybe Not,


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