New Item, New Code – A Little Late for Snowballs – NOT!






First, a shout out for Moshlinginfo (AKA MME Worker Wr12′ for enhancing the image, so we can all read it, thanks a bunch!! 😀

The DIY Store have launched a new range of products called Snowballs. With the snowballs, you can 

Want a FREE snowball of your own? Use the secret code SPLAT98. Sweet!

I thought it’s a little late for late for Snowballs, its not. Its snowing where I live in the UK Right Now!! Enjoy Guys!



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2 thoughts on “New Item, New Code – A Little Late for Snowballs – NOT!

  1. I have an account for moshi monsters and I just wanted to comment on your blog. I come to this website every so often, and I think it was brilliant! Add me on moshi monsters:


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