Moshi Monsters February Mission Guide- Freezy Rider + How to Get LongBeard Moshling!

February 2013- Moshi Monsters releases a brand new mini mission, available for a limited time- until February 14th, 2013! “Freezy Rider”

Hey guys! There’s an all new mission! NO MOSHI MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED TO PLAY IT! The mission is called “Freezer Rider”

In this mission, you will receive 100XP and 50ROX! You also receive a brand new moshling called “LongBeard! How wicked is that?

Reward for mission

Here’s a picture of LongBeard:


Little – Beard

Mythies Set


He sure does have a long beard! He looks moshling-tastic!

Confused how to play mission? Need help? No need to fear! We got you covered! Here is a FULL VIDEO GUIDE of how to complete this February only mission- Freezy Rider (Staring Peppy)

Mission length- Close to ~9 minutes approximately

Still stuck? Pause the video if necessary! Comment if you need more help! We will reply back or one of our viewers will!


Also, if you noticed, it says that there will be a “Brand New Poppet Mission, The Unusual Suspects- COMING SOON!” Who else is getting excited?

I really think Moshi Monsters should keep the missions permanent, meaning that they should keep them up forever, like they did for the past ones!

Once we know, we will show- Only at Moshi Monsters Expressway! The first, real, true, and only information and guides!

What do you think of the mission? Like it? How’s the LongBeard? Let us know in the comments! Have you completed the mission?!


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