Moshi Monsters – Betty – The Moshling

Moshi Monsters Betty Moshling- has been added to the Moshling Zoo as of November 8th, 2012. Moshi Monsters updated us about her on January 31st 2013.

Here is a picture of Betty, from the Moshling cards:

Screenshot 107


Set: Noises

Number: 37

Rarity: Uncommon

Betty biography:

“Yodel-ay-hee-hooooo” Next time you hear that unmistakable call you’ll know that a is close by. But not that close because these opera-trained Moshlings can be heard from miles away. In fact their yodelling is so loud that I once asked a group of them to perform halfway up Mount Sillimanjaro – not because I enjoy yodelling; I just knew the racket would trigger an avalanche and clear my path to the summit. Unfortunately they insisted on joining me for the rest of the trip and yodelled the whole time. Worse still they brought along some Brassy BlowyThings and Squeezy Tinklehuffs.

Betty is not yet known when to be released to the public as an official moshling to collect. Rumours have it that Betty may be a reward in a mission, sometime in early-mid 2013. Other rumours say Betty may be a one time code, or possibly have certain seeds to attract her.

Screenshot 106

Credit to MME viewers and Moshi Wiki for some of the information!


FUN PARK: Oddie’s Doughnut Dash

The Moshi Fun Park has been getting some cool new games lately! To get to the Moshi Fun Park, use the map in your monster’s room and click on the fun park in the upper left-hand corner. Starting today you can now play the game “Oddie’s Doughnut Dash.” Sweet!

Oddie’s Doughnut Dash is thrilling! Use the space bar to move Oddie and avoid the ooey gooey ice cream obstacles, and collect the fruits before you get eaten. Do you have any Oddie maneuvering tips? Comment on THIS blog and share them, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize. 

What are YOUR Oddie maneuvering tips? Comment on THIS blog and share them!

-Roary Scrawl at the Daily Growl!

Series 7 Set for September 2013 + Brand New Stuff Coming Soon!

Series 7 will be released in the United Kingdom in September of this year. There will be 16 Moshlings to collect, and the specials will remain gold. This is the exact same for Series 6, Which will be coming out at easter time!  

These figures were exclusively revealed at the ‘London Toy Fair’ (22nd – 24th January) in London. Vivid set up a giant stall area, with hundreds of Moshi figures and items. 

The event is now over. Search ‘london toy fair 2013 moshi monsters’ on YouTube to find some amazing videos of the time. Personally I think the only one video you see by Atamii Dolls something like that is a rubbish video, it is a repeat of what they had last year. I think they could have shown us the whole area, and shown us what new stuff was coming out. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!


Moshi Mistake? The Mythies Moshlings and Long Beard??

What do we know so far about the Mythies?
Scarlet O’Haira in Mythies Section in Zoo
Shambles in Mythies Section in Zoo
Jessie was confirmed in the Ultimate Moshlings Guide book
King Toot was hinted to be in the Mythies

Picture of Long Bear(d) on the Daily Growl:
We managed to put it together! It’s a bit rusty though!

His background is the same as the Mythies is in the  Buster’s Lost Moshlings app.

Who do you think will be in Long Beard or King Toot! Comment Below!



Ross’s Review – Moshlings Originals and Winter Wonderland

OK, I admit it I kinda stole the name from Ruby. Who cares? Here’s an awesome review of some of the Moshi Monsters stuff you should buy!

Moshi Monsters Originals are a mix up of the first three series of Moshi Monsters figures. In the series you can get the normal figures, golden figures, the special Purple and Green figures, and Exclusive red glitter figures that are brand new!! It makes it much easier to find the Ultra Rares you need to complete your collection, as you can see 1-2 ultra rares in one five pack, and you usually get a good one in the 2 Figure Blind Bags!

Product Details

Winter Wonderland Figures are brand new Moshling Figures that are Winter Themed. There are 32 different moshlings in the series, all from Series 1 and 2. They come in Blue and Green both have snow on top. There are also Ultra Rare Bauble Red Moshlings you can get from the ‘Surprise’ Moshling compartment. They only come in 5 Packs. All together they are 96 Moshlings to collection. Currently in Argos in the UK you can save £1 and get them for just £3.99!

Buck Is Back – The Details!

Cap’n Buck is back!! He has come from Hong Bong island, and he has brought these back:

Hong Bong Box of Destiny – 66 Rox – Level 5 😀
Dingaling Decanter – 22 Rox – Level 3 😀
Tangerine Dream Lantern – 76 Rox – Level 7 😀
Hong Bong Bluey Lantren – 100 Rox – Level 9 😀
Flourishing Fan of Fancy – 17 Rox – Level 4 😀
Coin of Enchancement – 12 Rox – Level 13 😀
Hong Bong Street Sign = 89 Rox – Level 8 😀
Little Miss Yellow (Not for Sale = CODE = BUCKISBACK) 😀

How awesome!! There may be more items as stocks are changed each 15 Minutes!!

Comment down below and tell us what your favourite item is!!


New Moshi Fun Park Game Run Shelby Run

Hey guys,


theres a new game at the moshi fun park called Run Shelby Run (its basically like the game Run Roo Run)! Its easy to play and a lot of fun! The object of the game is to recollect shelby’s stolen presents while collecting other presents along the way (while not losing all of your lives)! Also if you live in the UK, buy something moshi related at WHSmiths and receive a code for 500 rox!!! Whats your favourite game in the moshi fun park? What do you think of the game? Voice your opinion in the comments!

Keep on rocking,