Free Moshlings- A Cracking Good Christmas- REMINDER

NOTE: The Moshling Egg promotion has now ended! -February 2013


Hey monsters! Moshi has been so generous lately with the free moshlings! Apparently the last egg is suppose to be on December 31st!  12 free days of free moshlings! Make sure you head to Main Street everyday to collect the eggs! Plant them in your garden alone, and click the egg 3 times and it should hatch with a cool moshling! As your reading this, the 5th egg is out! So make sure to collect them as they are rare eggs and it of course if your a member your zoo gets bigger and bigger each day!

 MME posts an update everyday of each moshling! Me or/and Ross will keep you updated! So check daily for news and more updates! Here’s a full list so far of the moshlings that have hatched since the 20th of December:

1.  Sooki Yaki (20th December – No Longer Available)
2. Jeepers (21st December – No Longer Available)
3. Gracie (22nd December – No Longer Available)
4. Pooky (23rd December – No Longer Available)
5. Flumpy (24th December – No Longer Available)
6. Liberty (25th December – No Longer Available)
7.  Shelby (26th December – No Longer Available)
8. Fumble (27th December – No Longer Available)
9. Rocky (28th December – No Longer Available)
10. Mini Ben (29th December – No Longer Available) 
11. Mr Snoodle (30th December – No Longer Available)
12. Gigi (31st December – No Longer Available) 



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