MME Owner: 2009Fire15

Hey everyone! Christmas is near!

I am sure you all know, myself 2009Fire15, is, was, and will always be the owner of Moshi Monsters Expressway. I created MME and host the blog. I hired all the authors and workers here to keep MME running! An owner is the boss and main admin of something!

I am on a huge goal of 200,000 visits on Moshi Monsters, and really want the visits! I used to get 300+ visits daily, but now its about 100+ only. I do get half of the visits from my blog. I want more then half! So please take the time to go and visit my room!

Hundreds of comments, emails, messages, and so many monsters have been asking if they can be on my friends tree on Moshi Monsters. Yes I know my tree has been full for the past year! I promise to make 1,000 free spaces and will add lots of fans and friends in January! So visit now and then!


Click below to visit 2009Fire15’s room:

TELL EVERYONE to visit! Make sure your logged in to make the visit count!


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About 2009Fire15

Hey guys! I am 2009Fire15! 14 years old from Toronto, Canada! I am the owner/founder/creator of the famous Moshi Monsters Expressway website! Don't forget to check it out! Oh and maybe add/visit me on Moshi Monsters! I am also on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube! :) So visit my fan pages! Happy Monstering!

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