Comissioned! New Moshlings and New All I want for Christmas video!

Today Moshi Monsters Store’s official Twitter account tweeted and quoted:

Have a Wonderful & Safe Holiday Season 🙂 Also keep an eye on our online store for news on Series 5 Moshlings!

How awesome is that! A fifth series of Moshlings have been comissioned, I wonder who will REALLY be in them! I just can’t wait. Hopefully they should be out February/March following this:

Series 1 Released – Feb/Mar 2011
Series 2 Released – September 2011
Series 3 Released – Feb/Mar 2012
Series 4 Released – September 2012
Series 5 Released – Feb/Mar 2013

All I want for Christmas is YOU – Season 3!
Previously in 2010 and 2011, 2009fire15 has produced an ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ Pinboard Music Video including all of his friends in video saying lyrics of the song. The thing is that the pinboards have the new ‘Spell Checker’. And we will be starting production tomorrow 22nd December meaning that we have like litterally 1-2 days to get this video done? Do you think we can do it. Comment if you’re friends with 2009fire15 and would like to be in the video!!


It seems like the world hasn’t ended – yet!! Have a great Christmas coz there’s less than three days to go! (UK at time of publishing) Check out our countdown clock on the sidebar!! Have a good one!! 

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