Elementry School Shooting- Take a Second and Learn a Lesson

‘Hey there Moshi fans! I hope you’ve been enjoying our all new Holiday theme! 😉

This may not be related to Moshi Monsters at all, but it may be worth your time to read! 🙂

Newton, Connecticut, New York, United States- Sandy Hook Elementry-

I’m sure you all have heard about this, the shooting from Connecticut, Newtown, United States. 20 kids were shot while they were in school, and 8 adults were shot, who were principles/teachers.

Students walking away from their school during shooting

Woman screaming and crying after hearing her sister (a teacher) who is at the school during the shooting.

Those pics are so sad! 28 dead in total. Think about it, what if you were in school, and a gun man walked in and started shooting at you and your friends. That’s real scary. I know it’s rare, but anything can happen, at any time, any where.

The point I am trying to make is that we shouldn’t take our things for granted. These poor children walked into their school that morning, but didn’t get to walk out. They were only 5-10 years of age. They are innocent and this horrible man took their lives. Read more here:  http://www.cp24.com/world/man-kills-mother-then-massacres-26-at-conn-grade-school-1.1079298#ixzz2F4jUSEhm

Be thankful your still alive, going to school, and are safe. Those poor kids died right before Christmas. This is a time to get close to each other and spread love. That crazy stupid man killed 28 people, including 20 children, 6 adults and 2 of them being his mother and father.

I hope you really take a moment or two to send your love and prayers to those families suffering and being affected by this tragedy. I am so sad and I am very thankful. RIP to those who died, and may god bless their beautiful souls.

Thanks for your time to read this! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Elementry School Shooting- Take a Second and Learn a Lesson

  1. If your on fb (facebook) then on home you might of seen a photo quote about these poor children. RIP to 20 kids 6 adults and 2 parents

  2. sniff, that’s too sad, praying god for life to be saved for those children and people. I am VERY thankful i am not in a country with war, God please take my time to make peace happen around the world.

  3. Thats so sad! I heard it on the news! That Retard that shot all of them is so crazy! I feel so sorry for those children and people 😦
    RIP To them as well… 😦
    I think that person who shot them should learn and think about what has done then go to jail for a LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG
    I wish I could keep going but… Nah! I hope that God can be with those parents who’s CHILDREN got shot! Your so totally right about that part where you said that he was “CRAZY AND STUPID!” Fire15!

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