Gangnam Style: Non Moshi Related Post.

Heard of Gangnam Style?
Gangnam Style is a wordwide successful song by Korean artist, PSY. It is the second most viewed video on YouTube since it was opened, and it was only released on July 15, 2012.

The Battle – PSY vs JB
The battle for one billion views is on! As of this day ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber has 798m hits, and Gangnam Style has 723m hits. The world has been well and truly divided.

Can you help PSY?
Go search ‘Gangnam Style’ on YouTube. Will you be addicted? Go, go, now!!


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6 thoughts on “Gangnam Style: Non Moshi Related Post.

    • Just watch both. Put up two tabs. Gangnam style in one, Justin in the other. Play a song and then when it;s finsihed play the other!!

  1. People are commenting on the video say Justin bieber is a, well a B word. They are giving him more views right this moment!!! I dont like Jb, so lets go Gangnam style!

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