2: What’s the point?

Look at this video:

What Is The Whole Point of making this video and tricking us. The moshligs we see are:
Bobbi Singsong – We got him in Mission 6
Zack Binspin – ? MISSION 10 ?
CocoLoco – We got him in Mission 1
Rofl – We got him in Mission 2
Betty – ? MISSION 10?
Judder – We got him in Mission 9
Oompah – By Seed Combination
HipHop – By Seed Combination
Pocito – We got him in Mission 4
Pip – Product
Rooby – ? MISSION 10?
Suey – ? MISSION 10?
Boomer – Code

Where on Earth is Wooly, Tingaling, Scarlet O’Haira. So very silly.

Looks like Moshi have some explaining to do..


1: Everyone can play!!

Ever wondered what it’s like to play a Super Moshi Mission? You’re in luck…
Super Moshi Mission 1 (Season 1)is avaliable to all Monsters! And Epics Too!


S1: Mission 1 Update

Today while I was investigating the Lady Goo Goo disaster, playing Mission 1, I discovered that in Series 1 Mission 1 you get epics, but then in Mission 2 you dont? Anyone puzzled like me. I guess it’s just a work in progress.



No More Lady Goo Goo – Baby Rox! + NEWS¬

About a year ago, probably less, Lady Gaga, yes the famous one that has topped the charts in almost every country in the world, sued Moshi Monsters for creating Lady Goo Goo. She is now called Baby Rox, Moshi Monsters even confirmed it!

Twistmas IGGY is now here in the loading screen, go check her out!

Thanks for 1.7 million hits! Only 300,000 to 2 Million!

Moshlings Theme Park Secret Codes

UPDATE: Theme Park codes have all expired. Sorry.

Why not check out our Secret Codes page? It has 300+ Secret Codes that work! https://moshimonsters2009fire15.wordpress.com/secret-codes/

How would you like 300 Rox and a Rubber Duck??

I know I would… Here are the codes!


Enjoy! -Rosscp.

BLACK FRIDAY – 10% Off + 100% Free Rox

I guess Black Friday is one of those days that you shoppers love. It’s the day after Thanksgiving. All shops are mobbed because they are having sales. (It’s the exact same as Boxing Day) in the UK, as we do not celebrate thanksgiving, to celebrate…

Moshi are giving you 10% of Orders Today Only! and….

100 Free Rox by using the code ‘BLACKFRIDAY!

Enjoy your day Americans/Canadians