How to get judder

Complete Mission 19 – Go on YouTube——-
Untested code. Try this code. I have had no time to try it. So don’t blame me if it is a fake…


Updates to Monstro City

Witchy Iggy is now here on the Loading Screens when you log in! And there’s a new shop here in Monstro City in Growl Mansion. It’s called Rare and Scare, you get Halloween Items there! It’s awesome!  I think it’s only for Members. But If you’re a non member why not try!

Moshlings Theme Park is out Now! Go gettit! It’s only £24 on some websites! 

There are only 5 days to Halloween! Have a good one PPL! -Rosscp.

2x New Secret Codes + Moshi Baftas

Code for free Eye Pie: 3Y3PY
Code for free Super Fan Badge: BAFTAVOTER911

Vote Moshi!
Moshi Monsters have been nominated for a children’s Baftas award for best online game!
Google ‘bafta kids vote’ and you will get a free code for an ultra rare item!

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Test a sneak peak of the Moshling Guide!!!

Hey guys,

I have been working on the moshling guide whenever i can! Thank you to everyone that has helped me! Your names will be published in the final app! For now I have decided to release a little sneak peak of the app for you guys to try out!!!

You need to have installed JAVA to use this app and be using a windows operating system!!! (Sorry mac users i hope to have this working for you all soon).

Here is the link to the app: please click allow on all of the windows that pop up!

I hope to have full app out soon!

if you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at or comment on this post!



P.S. if you dont have Java or it doesn’t work and you have a PC you can download the sneak peak by clicking HERE

An Awesome New Code for Free Food + Ruby’s Review

CHOCBROC = Chocolate Coated Brocolli.

Ruby’s Review.

Check out the latest treats for Moshi fans this Halloween!

Greetings fellow shopaholics! Have you heard? It’s only 11 days until Halloween! I’ve finally got my costume sorted out and I’m SUPER hyped! I’m going as a Mermaid Princess Werewolf Knight Witch.

Tesco is now offering EXCLUSIVE Halloween Moshling goodies. These glow-in-the-dark collectibles are available in sweet Spooky Surprise eggs or with a cool Halloween bag. There are 22 Moshlings to collect and each of them is frightfully fun! Click the pic for a better look.
Check out these new Moshi clothing items. I totally want to get that spooky Zommer mummy tee, and I just LOVE snuggling up to watch a scary movie in some comfy Moshi pyjamas! Click the pic for a better look. You can find these items now at Tesco.
Get your touch screens ready! Very soon there will be an all new update for the Buster’s Lost Moshlings app which includes a frightening Halloween scene! If you haven’t already got the app, you can download it by clicking here. Do you love Halloween? Leave me a comment and tell me your favourite thing about Halloween! Keep on Roxin’…

New Codes

FREAKYFRIGHT – Glump Lantern 

1PISABACON – 100 Rox

Haloween Theme Finally Here + New Zoo Update!

Greetings, yallz… 

The new Halloween Theme is finally here! Woot! It’s quite cool, if I must say so myself. It will run until November 2nd, as November 1st is day of the Dead and there are hundreds of time zones across the world. I might have to change it if MME 3.0 is here before, which I doubt and also I will post a banner when any other events occur and I may add to it for the new Moshlings Theme Park game being released. Halloween will be a special time for everyone at MME, as we will have alot of exclusive? We need around 350,000 to get to 2,000,000 before Christmas. It’s almost impossible. So lets make a new goal.. February 5th, 2013 as we got 1,000,000 on February 5th 2012. So It’s a year.   Please Please Please make this happen guys..

In other news, there’s been a new zoo update. Moshi have re-styled the ‘Wash Your Moshlings’ feature. It now plays I Heart Moshlings and there is a different sponge and it seems to be  much more quicker and much more easier.

Moshi Magazine Issue number 22 is now out in the United Kingdom in Northern  Ireland. It comes with an exclusive Golden Glump figure, a packet of moshi stickers and two Ultra-Rare unique codes!

Cyallz – Rosscp.