Moshi Monsters Super Moshi Mission #7 (Series 2) – Masters of the Swooniverse!

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Mission 7: Out Now!

Hey Monsters, Hope you’re all having a great time, we’re currently planning for 3.0. which will be coming extremely soon! Anyway here’s a Mission 7 lowdown for you! There is a brand new mission out right now! It’s called ‘Masters of the Swooniverse’. Rhapsody 2 is about to take off, and Dr. Strangeglove is around. Can you save the Zoshlings, and get Scarlet O’Haira? If you need help watch the video below: 


CLICK BELOW TO WATCH SCARLET O’HAIRA IN 2009FIRE15’s MOSHLING ZOO!This mission is epic! You will get Scarlet O’Haira and if you find all the epics you will get 500 Rox! Truly Awesome

Are you a member and desperatley want Scarlet O’Haira? Use these codes. They are first come, first served, courtesy of 2009fire15’s generosity. If they are all used, someone else will have used them. 

TICKET, TREAT and GOLD are 24-hour codes that non-members may use once only. You can only use one at a time!

Have Fun Monstars! – 2009fire15 and Rosscp 🙂

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