Out of this World ~ MISSION 7 COMING SOON!

Are you ready for Mission 7 of Series 2?

This is the seventeenth mission so far. We can’t wait to find out what moshling we will get! 2009fire15 will post a guide for completing the mission soon. It will hopefully be out around before Mid-September! Will Strangeglove be back?? -Rosscp.


Hey guys,

Heres how you can get a free 1 day moshi membership!!!

1) log in to your moshi account

2) go to mosimonsters.com/trial

3) enter the code: GOLD and click the blue redeem button and voila!!!

Hope you guys enjoy!!! Remember, this will only work until sunday!!!

Enjoy the last few days of summer!


Come on, come on!

Hey everyone!
I am very glad to tell you in the last week that we have got 30,000 views since mission 6 came out. At this rate we can reach 2,000,000 hits by 2013!
Keep on viewing and tell your friends all about MME¡ -Rosscp

Secret Codes + Medals and ‘Quests! + Update!

Hey Everyone! I’ve not posted for a week, So I’m gonna give you a little update!
There are a few new secret codes out + we’ve had tons of requests for Trophy Codes, here they are:
NEW: 9tamesun, heartflower, snoodledoodle, jellyspring and feedmeslop.
New Medals are here! They are for completing ‘Quests’, unknown currently.

Moshi have released two new music videos: The IGGY Chomp (On YouTube – YouTube Version) and Blingo also has a new single at Moshi TV Studios 😛

Cyallz – Rosscp.

Moshi Monsters Super Moshi Mission #6 Series 2- Welcome to Jollywood- Bobbi Singsong

Hey Monsters! Thank you for making MME hit 1,500,000 views! That’s fantabulous! LOL 😛 Fans are the best 😉

There is a brand new Moshi Monsters mission out! Welcome to Jollywood! In this mission, you have to find Elder Furi and help out Bobbi! It’s difficult and easy and fun at the same time! Who know’s where this mission will lead to next! 

If you need help, please click the link below:


Hopefully it helps you all! It was quite some tough work to post the video. So many bugs on YouTube these days. Lol anyways once you complete the mission you will receive Bobbi. Check out bobbi in my zoo:


Epic 😛  Like said, you will get Bobbi at the end and if you found all the epics, you’ll get a round up of 500 rox! Awwwesssoooommmmeee!

Have you completed the mission yet? Are you a non member and need membership? Well I’m posting 3 day membership codes below! Use them quick! They can be used once! If they are all used, that means someone used them before you! Please use these wisely guys! Heres 3, 3 day membership codes for 3 lucky anyone:

  • 2583207953
  • 2583380410
  • 2583274950

If you used the code, please comment! 😀 Thanks

What do you think of the mission? Bobbi looks epic too 😉 Keep rocking it guys!


New mission tomorrow

Welcome to Jollywood will be out tomorrow, me and fire will update u all and we hope to get our 1.5millionth hit!! -Ross

New Set – ‘Roxstars!’ + How to get Pip!

For ages now, ever since the Moshlings Ultimate Collectors guide, Monsters have been wondering what set Bobbi Singsong and Zack Binspin will be in. We now know, a set called the ‘Roxstars’. There are now 100 Moshlings you can get, as there is now 25 Confirmed Sets. And around a quarter of those 100 moshlings you can get, are unreleased, and some unknown!  Woot! Here’s his name in his set!

How do you get Pip? 2009fire15’s Video:
Pip can be bought by buying the My Moshi Home playset, RRP £39.99

Enjoy! Welcome to Jollywood is coming soon! -Rosscp!