Hey everyone, sorry this post looks like garnish as I’m posting from my iPod touch. And you only get HTML.

Anyways, I will be concentrating on making up my other site called Moshling Zoo! I will barely post on MME! I will only post for:
• MMEMM + The Results Show
• Really Important Issues
• Not post but make new graphics.
• This is out now posts
• Maintainance follow ups.

~ Rosscp
I’ll post a follow up later

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About Rosscp

My name's Rosscp! My friends call me Ross! I work here, on Moshi Monsters Expressway - MME. It is officially the most popular and most viewed Moshi blog out there, with over 3,000,000 hits! I joined Moshi Monsters Expressway on January 7th, 2012, after joining WordPress on December 15th, 2011! #Heartbeat #JessieJ #MoshiMonsters #MME

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