Over the last two weeks, you have been voting for your Mightiest Moshling. The Voting is now closed for Round 1. Tomorrow Evening (MONDAY UK TIME) – Hopefully Sooner, The New Polls Will Be Up with a static post.

The Polls are now closed. Please do note vote now, as your vote will not be counted, and you may still be charged. 😛 – In The Style Of Dermot (X Factor UK) ^^ Thats Fake.. 😛 

~ Ross

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My name's Rosscp! My friends call me Ross! I work here, on Moshi Monsters Expressway - MME. It is officially the most popular and most viewed Moshi blog out there, with over 3,000,000 hits! I joined Moshi Monsters Expressway on January 7th, 2012, after joining WordPress on December 15th, 2011! #Heartbeat #JessieJ #MoshiMonsters #MME

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