Hey Guys,

I did some research and found a lot of possibly new Moshlings!!!

Check em out:

Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!!!

Rosscp says – Please Note that these images are from ‘Moshi Monsters Wiki (Wikia)’ That he well, ‘Works’ on. As soon as they are released (Betya B4) We will have imagery! ~ Ross



35 thoughts on “NEW MOSHLINGS!!!

  1. guys, pom pom is boomer, wrestler moshling is Pocito, Betty is in the Noisies not the strongies and Pocito is in the Sporties, Scrumpy is in the Arties, Judder is in the Noisies, Boomer is in the Noisies, SHAMBLES is in the mythies and no others in that photo are released

  2. Oompah – tunies
    Shamlbes – mythies
    Pom Pom is really Bommer – noisies
    Judder – noisies
    Pip – nutties
    Shelly – nutties
    Betty – noisies
    Wrestler Moshlings is really Pocito – sporties
    Hip hop – tunies
    Jessie – mythies
    Scrumpy – arties

  3. hey Pom Poms real name is boomer and shes in the loudies and to get Pip you need to get a code from a house playset with a Poppet.

  4. well how to get bobbi singsong but before i tall you you must be a moshi member do mission 6 wellcome to jollywood series 2 thats all pis the moshling set he is in is the roxstars and he is ultrarare

  5. i know how to get boomer A.K.A pom pom, the code is A8XY3CA and it gets you the shrillberry flower! add me i’m dylbil.
    p.s i don’t have boomer right now but i will tommorow

  6. I like Scrumpy, Shelly, and Pip(and maybe Betty). Out of those, I like Scrumpy and Pip best. Betty and Shelly are okay(but not AS cool as the other 2), too.

  7. Oompah – tunies
    Shamlbers – scruffies
    Pom Pom – scruffies
    Judder – workies
    Pip – nutties
    Shelly – nutties
    Betty – strongies
    Wrestler Moshlings – strongies
    Hip hop – noisies

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