Winner of the Design a Moshling Contest!!!!

this post is from the Daily Growl :

“Wow! The winner of the Design-A-Moshling Contest is isaissa with their BRILLIANT design for Micro Dave – the smallest microwave ever! Click the picture below to see a bigger image and find out more about Micro Dave.

Congratulations isaissa, Micro Dave will be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of the Moshi Magazine, in the next Moshi Monsters Annual and he will be made into a REAL Moshling! But wait – we’re also sending you an AMAZING Moshi Monsters prize pack!

And now for the runners up! Congratulations to zombiedude8831, whymymollie2000 and darciegirl12345 on your wonderful designs for Toasty, Yoka and King Toot the Funky Pharaoh.

Your designs will also be featured in the Moshi Monsters Annual and in the Moshi Magazine and will be made into REAL Moshlings, too!

Please note that these new Moshlings will NOT be available right away. I’ll be sure to let you know right here at The Daily Growl when they’re available in the game.

Hey, It’s Wr12 again. Do you like the moshling? Tell us in the comments!!!



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