New MOSHI ALBUM- Songs From Monstro City!!!

Hey guys,

When I heard about Music Rox i was really excited, but at the same time diImagessappointed because some of my favourite songs were missing. So I thought, hey why not put all of your favourite songs into an album. That is what I did. Songs from Monstro City features 8 MOSHItastic songs from youtube:

1. The Doctor Will See you Now
2. Moshi Twistmas
3. The Moshi Dance
4. Moshi Moshi Moshi
5. Super Moshi Song
6. Moptop Tweenybop
7. Go Do the Hoodoo

You can download the song or the music video to the songs FOR FREE from the album’s official website:

Hope you guys enjoy,


NOTE: this album was not made or endorsed by Moshi Monster’s. It is not related to music rox at all.


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