Bungle In The Jungle!

Mission 3 of Season 2 Trailer was posted today on MoshiMonsters YouTube Channel :P. Here’s the trailer! 😛 No Idea who the moshling is!! Moshi Magazine will surely have some information! Release Date (Unconfirmed) – 15 May. ~Ross

Thanks to everyone who has voted for MMEMM so far. Altogether there has been well over 1000 Votes! (TODAY) 😛

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Today, I am glad to announce that voting for the first round – The Qualifier of ‘Moshi Monsters Expressway’s Mightiest Moshling’ 2012 Season 1 – is standardly OPEN!!! WOOP! You will decide your top 16 Moshlings from all 66. Voting should close on 13th May. So Get On With It :P!!!!

rain3ow – New Code for Rainbow Painting (Availiable In Moshi Shops)


New code for a Mr Tea. Its….


MMEMM – I bet some of you are eagerly waiting for MMEMM to finally open. As it was supposed to on Monday. I’ve had no time recently. So I’ll Try To Make A Start On Monday! Some Polls already open @ mmemoshlingawards.blogspot.co.uk

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Moshi Monsters Mission #2 Series 2 Guide + New Moshling ROFL

Hey Guys! A New Mission Was Recently Out, And I Decided To make Another Useful Video For You! Check It Out:


The New Moshling You Get Will Be ROFL:


ROFL- Smilies

ALL The Epics Are In The Video Guide, And Remember: Epics Get You Rox! 😀 What Do You Think Of This New Mission? Comment Comment Comment!