Music Rox- Moshi Music’s Debut Album!!!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Moshi Monster’s is releasing an album full of music from Moshi Monster’s on April 2nd!!! It features 10 songs (6 of which are Brand New!!!):

There’s a new lid on the block and it belongs to this Tweenybop heart-throb who’s destined for gooperstardom with his gooey debut single.


Go Do The Hoodoo

Get ready to make a complete Hoodoo of yourself as you travel to the Gombala Gombala jungle in this tom-tom-tastic tale of fried oobla doobla.


Moshi Monsters Theme

Introducing the most goopendous new band in the swooniverse! It’s the Moshi MonStars with their insanely frantic theme song. Monsterific!


Welcome to Jollywood

Move and groove like Jollywood legend Bobbi SingSong, who’ll send you totally doolally with this jolly good tribute to his mystical homeland.


The Missy Kix Dance

Mystery surrounds this sassy singer but rumour has it she’s already a megastar in Moshimo City. Hardly surprising as her hyper songs are beyond catchy!


The Doctor Will See You Now

The one to be afraid of? Absolutely, but Dr Strangeglove sure knows how to sing a sinister tune, especially when Fishlips is helping out! Mwah-ha-haa!


Sweet Tooth Stomp

Stomp to the beat here’s a sweet candy treat – yep, it’s candy criminal Sweet Tooth with a real foot-stomper of a song. Goody goody gumdrops!


I ♥ Moshlings

Moshlings on your mind? Don’t worry, so has Poppet in this charming sing-along about every Moshi’s favourite teeny-weeny critters. Awww, cute!


Rock Like A Zommer

Crank it to eleven and headbang yourself silly with Zommer in this seam- rippin’ rocker that’s crammed with crash bang wallop!


Super Moshi March

Iron your cape, slip on your mask and shout hooray – this trumpety victory song will have you marching on the spot in no time!


Click Play for a demo of the songs

You can learn more about these songs at

Songs that Were Forgotten:

Here is a list of songs that you can listen to on youtube that I think should’ve been on the album: (click the link)

moshi moshi moshi
The Moshi dance
Moshi Twistmas
You can preorder the album now 

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