New Secret Code and New Moshling!!!

Hey guys,

On the daily growl there is a puzzle to solve to see a picture of a new moshling! I solved it and it also comes with a secret code for the secret code box!!! Check it out:

That’s the new moshling. I wonder what it is? Enter the code GREEN57 before april 5th with your login info to get a green for your monster to eat!!!


NOTE: it turns out that moshling is O’Really!!!


45 thoughts on “New Secret Code and New Moshling!!!

  1. All with the children will probable consider Moshi Monsters
    to be amongst their preferred online worlds. A year after its release, membership soared to 10 million
    registered players. Despite all their anger, they’re
    all just too cute to pass up.

  2. hi here are some CODES
    1. POPPETTAG66 2. RAINBOW434 3. SLURPY 4. POD49
    5. LAVA2038 6. DROOL1968 7. THANKYOU10
    8. SPACSHIP 9. TENT88 10. BLUE3634 11. FLUTTERY44
    please note that none of these are expired and not spelt wrong ,these codes make me 100% sure these codes will work
    bye… for now

  3. new code named revivalcuppa934: gives emergentea. another1 called moshidosh392:gives 1000 rox.another called DJdude456:gives the seed to capture blingo.all spelt correctly.enjoy!

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