Hello, I’m Wr12

Hi im Wr12,

I’m the newest author on the Moshi Monster’s Expressway! Which I think is the best moshi site in the WORLD!!! I have been going here for Moshi news for a while now and am so excited that I can now post here too!

About  me:

I have been playing moshi monster’s since june 2011. My account name is moshlinginfo. I have a katsuma named pikachu. Here is a pic:

Here is a pic of my room:

I have 669 moshi friends, I am I list (hope to get to A one day), and have almost 2,000 room visits. I am a boy, I am 13 years old, and live in Toronto,Ontario,Canada home of the world famous CN TOWER!!! I also have a youtube channel called moshlinginfo, I post videos on moshling codes, what i think is cool, and other stuff. I also have a moshi cheats site. You can see links to these and other stuff below!!! Well, that’s just about everything you need to know about me. If you need anything just ask!!!


my moshi account-http://moshime.com/moshlinginfo

my youtube-http://youtube.com/moshlinginfo (I have over 200 subscribers and 450,000 video views!!!)

my moshi site- http://moshimonsters.cjb.net 

my page on the MMW: http://moshimonsters.wikia.com/user:wr12



4 thoughts on “Hello, I’m Wr12

    Im Rosscp, Site Author. Could you please post the Daily Growl Posts, and I’ll do the rest! As we need to share roles here!
    Lukey Posts – Very Important (Sometimes Regi)
    Fire Posts – Important to all.
    Rosscp Posts – Updates/Codes/Moshlings/More/MME
    Wr12 Posts – Daily Growl/And What u want to post about.

    Please dont try to take over, as you are just new! 😀 So Stay basic ya! 😀

    PS – Add me on Moshi – Yeah?! 🙂 (Rosscp)

  2. hey thats awesome that ur a new author on this site which i know is the best in the world add me on moshi: dandoona5000

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