Spoilers ~ SM Series 2 ~ Moshlings

Lets Start Off, By Studying What We Know:
To complete the Zoo, We  Need:

Tunies 3 / Tunies 4 – Radio and Trumpet (Seen In Video)

Noises 2 / Noises 3 / Noises 4

Tingaling / Luckies 3 / Luckies 4

Smilies 2 / Smilies 3 / Smilies 4

Snowies 2 / Snowies 3 / Snowies 4 

So thats 14 Moshlings, And there is Moshlings in The Video, with a ‘Defo No’ to all those sets. 

So 14 Moshlings, 1/2 Sets – Series 2. + Rooby!

Moshi Complete Sets, In  Less Than A Year, I have  Noticed. So Tunies Should be Completed by March/April

I gotta Feeling, This Thursday (This Week Even), Or Next Week, Season 2 Will Start.

Stay Vigilant, Super Moshi’s Check The Zoo EVERY DAY, Check Here EVERYDAY

~ Rosscp

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