Introducing… A World Record Holder. ~ ROSSCP (AKA ME)

Since this morning, Rosscp, has been ‘First Equal’ In the ‘Most Snookums’ Competition. lol.

My hugest competitor is ‘Nrgbros’ ~ No Offense To him lol.

I have 32 snookums, same as him.

TOMORROW, I’ll have 33. One day, I hope to have 100.



Hey Geeks, out there. Wanna know some stats?
Oddie may be a ‘1 in 18’ Chance of getting, when you Plant 3 Star Blossoms.

In My 32, Experiences, Snookums has ALWAYS Came!!

ALSO ~ (lol me 4got wat 2 say)


~ Rosscp


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My name's Rosscp! My friends call me Ross! I work here, on Moshi Monsters Expressway - MME. It is officially the most popular and most viewed Moshi blog out there, with over 3,000,000 hits! I joined Moshi Monsters Expressway on January 7th, 2012, after joining WordPress on December 15th, 2011! #Heartbeat #JessieJ #MoshiMonsters #MME

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