Moshi Monsters- Introducing Moshling Wash Feature! (New For 2012!)

Hey Moshi Friends! Fire Here (The MME Creator/Official Owner) 

We Officially Have 10 Workers How Awesome Is That? Go See Our New page Too Called Daily Challenge Leaderboards! So Cool Right? 

Anyway, I See That There Is A BRAND New Moshi Feature “Wash Your Moshlings” It’s Very Cool Too! You Can Give Them A Bath Lol! Just Go To Your Moshling Zoo, And If Any Moshling Has A Splat Above Them, They Need Cleaning! Also, As a Reminder There Will be An ! (Exclamation Mark!) Which Means That You need To Clean Your Moshlings! If You Are Still Not Sure And Are Confused, You Are More Then Welcome To Check This Video Out Below, That I Made With A Mini Guide Of The Moshling Wash Feature! Check The Video Out For The Feature Info:

Thanks Guys! Check The Video Out And Like It And Comment! It Would Make Me Happy! Also Subscribe Too! 

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-All Official “2009Fire15” Links-

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