*NEW* ~ Room of The Month

Room of the Month!

The new feature, organised by Rosscp, on this site is… Room of the Month!

I have chosen someone with an awesome Room, for January 2012!

I will be chosing Room of the Month – February 2012, and

Star of the Month – February 2012

SOTM ~ January 2012 ~ Rosscp (Chosen by 2009fire15)
ROTM ~ January 2012 ~ 2009fire15 (Chosen by Rosscp)
SOTM ~ February 2012 ~ CHOSEN (By Rosscp – Revealling Soon!!!)
ROTM ~ February 2012 ~ CHOSING! (By Rosscp)

Moshling Widgets

I Spent Ages Making These, 6 Hours to be exact.

Working On – Making ‘Click On Me’ Widgets, to go to *ALL NEW* (Work In Progress) Moshling Set Pages. Loads More NEW STuff Coming So So Soon!




Hello Level 23!

Level 23 is Here! Rosscp and Cooldude have just got to Level 23!


We are tidying up our Trophy Room, for February! That Trophy is AWESOME!! So Firey, Just Like My Mate Fire!




Support MME ~ New Widgets!

Hey Everyone, Great News!
Moshi Monsters Expressway, has now got a ‘Support Page’ In Which, you can Use our ‘homemade’ Widgets, to post on you’re blogs support page.
Click Support (>), to Visit It Now: SUPPORT

Here is the first ever Widget:




<a href=”http://moshimonstersexpressway2013.wordpress.com&#8221; imageanchor=”1″ style=”margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”><img border=”0″ src=”https://moshimonsters2009fire15.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/mmewidgetsupport1.gif&#8221; /></a>

Support Contest
Tell EVERYONE, about MME. Tell them to comment saying
‘YourMonsterName’ Sent Me Here, This Web is AWESOME!’
Well Something On The Lines Of That, lol.

*** WIN A GIFT *** If someone say’s u sent them, U get a gift, from ROSSCP! Simple As!

Wanna get Supported Back?
Post our widget on your site, and We’ll post it back, on our AdSpace!!

Thanks ~ Rosscp

In Memory Of Doodleplop

Project Complete!
On 18/03/12, just over two months after his death, 2009fire15 uploaded ‘The Friends Forever Project. RIP Doodleplop, We Will never, ever forget you. May you Rest In Peace. You are all better now. Thank you everyone who was involved in the video, as it has taken ages to make! We are sure that Doodleplop would appreciate it. Our deepest thoughts are for Doodleplop’s Family, including his wife – mcginty. He will truly be missed. We cant say a bad word about him! He was an asset to Moshi! Here is the video, In Memory of Doodleplop.

~Ross ­čÖé

New Code ~ Mississippi Mud Pie

Here’s the Latest Code, for a free Missisipi Mud Pie


In other News, 200,000 UK Visitors, have Visited this site! ~ Awesome!


Spoilers ~ SM Series 2 ~ Moshlings

Lets Start Off, By Studying What We Know:
To complete the Zoo, We  Need:

Tunies 3 / Tunies 4 – Radio and Trumpet (Seen In Video)

Noises 2 / Noises 3 / Noises 4

Tingaling / Luckies 3 / Luckies 4

Smilies 2 / Smilies 3 / Smilies 4

Snowies 2 / Snowies 3 / Snowies 4 

So thats 14 Moshlings, And there is Moshlings in The Video, with a ‘Defo No’ to all those sets.┬á

So 14 Moshlings, 1/2 Sets – Series 2. + Rooby!

Moshi Complete Sets, In  Less Than A Year, I have  Noticed. So Tunies Should be Completed by March/April

I gotta Feeling, This Thursday (This Week Even), Or Next Week, Season 2 Will Start.

Stay Vigilant, Super Moshi’s Check The Zoo EVERY DAY, Check Here EVERYDAY

~ Rosscp

Super Moshi Missions ~ Season/Series 2

Moshi Monsters have posted a Super Moshi Missions Series 2 Trailer Via Their YouTube Page! Here is the video, below. There are lots of new Moshlings and New Sets featured within 1:12 and 1:16, at various Points.


On A Roll – Star Of The Month

With thanks to 2009fire15, for choosing me as Star Of The Month! 

Well, I’m On A Roll, I Guess, I am star of the Month, In both of 2009fire15’s Websites, This Month – January 2012! The Star of the Month for February, will be chosen between Friday and Monday. The Star Of the Month, WIll Be Updated Soon!


Hey Everyone, I’m Experimenting And Etc. I will delete Eventually. ­čśÇView post