Moshi Monstar Lisits! (Visits needed) (NEW)

Monstar A: 2009Fire15 Hit A List At: 56,044 (June 8th) Monstar B: 2009Fire15 Hit B List At: 35,901 Visits (April 6th) Monstar C: 2009Fire15 Hit C List At: 22,818 Visits (January 2th) Monstar D: 2009Fire15 Hit D List At: 14,596 Visits Monstar E: 2009Fire15 Hit E List At: 9,132 Visits Monstar F: 2009Fire15 Hit F List At: 6,380 Visits Monstar G: 2009Fire15 Hit G List At: 4,110 Visits Monstar H: 2009Fire15 Hit H List At: 2668 Visits Monstar I: 2009Fire15 Hit I List At: 1,715 Visits Monstar J: 2009Fire15 Hit J List At:1,010 Visits Monstar K: 2009Fire15 Hit K List At: 719 Visits Monstar L: 2009Fire15 Hit L List At: 464 Visits Monstar M: 2009Fire15 Hit M List At: 306 Visits Monstar N: 2009Fire15 Hit N List At: 197 Visits Monstar O: 2009Fire15 Hit O List: 100 Visits Monstar P: 2009Fire15 Hit P List At: 50 Visits Monstar Q: 2009Fire15 Hit Q List At: 35 Visits Monstar S: 2009Fire15 Hit S List At: 22 Visits Monstar T: 2009Fire15 Hit T List At: 15 Visits Monstar U: 2009Fire15 Hit U List At:10 Visits Monstar V: 2009Fire15 Hit V List At:5 Visits Monstar X: 2009Fire15 Hit X List At: 2 Visits
Monstar Z: 2009Fire15 Hit Z List At: 1 Visit ~FIRE


19 thoughts on “Moshi Monstar Lisits! (Visits needed) (NEW)

  1. I’m on K list with around 1090 visits, how many visits until J list? By the way, my Moshi Monster name is ohmybubblegumeart. 😛

  2. HEYYY! I am dittimiller and I just wanted to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!! Visit me and add me if I am a member at the time. Please do I need to bump up my popularity. RATE MY ROOM FIVE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!


  3. I have 900 room visits and I’m a K monstar. My friend holliewollie654 has 1142 room visits and she’s a J monstar which makes sense. Thanks for the info it really helped.

  4. this helped a lot becous it helps me know whot number visits i need and i am nearley at a now yay thankyou

  5. this really helped. its close to what i got! im nearly at the top now, thanks a lot for this! (top means A)

  6. Its because You never know exactly when You get to the MONSTAR – But Im not sure If You can really get to MONSTAR H at 800 Visits…I dont think its possible…But thats just me….
    P.s Add me!My User is: fatscruffyfurball

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