Moshling Beanies – UK Exclusive

Attention UK Moshi fans! An exclusive line of Moshling beanies have been released over at Clinton Cards (UK only). You can find Mr. Snoodle, Angel, Honey, ShiShi, Squidge, and Purdy. Plus, they have super cool Moshi Monsters greeting cards. 

The Clinton Cards Bluewater location is having a Moshi party on Saturday, September 24th from 11AM – 3PM. You’ll be able to meet larger than life Moshi Monsters live in the fur! Fun!

Which new beanie Moshling is YOUR favourite? Comment on THIS POST and tell me which one & why ??

– cool-devil1997


5 thoughts on “Moshling Beanies – UK Exclusive

  1. I really want one of those! They are SO cute I want Mr. Snoodle, my mom think he’s a pig, He looks like an elephant to me, and APPARENTLY, a ‘Pony’ to Mr. Moshi…

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