Dustbin Beaver Info !!!

Hello cool-devil1997 Here With Some New Dustbin Beaver News !!!

Dustbin Beaver called me up today to let me know that “his people” are going to re-brand the ever-so-popular Eu De Toilet as his own personal fragrance. “It’s perfect,” he is quoted as saying, “I mean, Eu De Toilet smells soooo nice. That’s why it should be re-branded as the new Dustbin fragrance for monsters. The only problem is, I don’t know what to call it!”

So whadya say? Let’s help Dustbin name his “new” fragrance! It should be something that really captures the essence of Dustbin. Let’s take a look at his bio so we can get to know him a little better. It’ll help us in the naming process.

Bio: Living in a dustbin is pretty weird but this hair-obsessed heart-throb would be mobbed if he left the stinky safety of his rubbishy pad. Not by screaming fans (or ‘Beleavers’) but by neighbours sick of Dustbin’s high pitched warbling.

Habitat: In a bin on BrashCan Alley. If he’s unlucky, on Monstro City Dump.

Likes: Pudding bowls and blunt scissors.

Dislikes: Garbage collection day and homework.

Don’t have Dustbin in your monster’s room yet? It’s thought that he can only be caught using seeds that are exclusive to Moshi Magazine  subscribers. Every magazine subscriber will receive a unique code which unlocks a Trashy Tulip Seed, a favourite of this Moptop Tweenybop.



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