Tyra’s Spa Game Out Now!

Hey Monsters!

Today Tyra’s Spa has opened its doors and have released a new game! Here are some pictures I took from the game. I have put Lukey’s Moshi Site and Moshi Monsters Expressway becuase there are somecopiers about so if you try to copy me and Fire will know!

First here is what it looks like and the little game thing should show up!

Then when you click it you’ll see…

Then when you click Play or Play – Timed!

I picked Furi!

^ You have to tweaser food off your  monster!

^ Then you have to put shampoo on your monster

^Then you have to put mud on your monster

^ Then you have to entertain your monster

^ Then you have to rinse your monster

^ Same thing

Then you have to blow dry and buff

^ Take a photo

^ Your Photo.

I didn’t give you those photos to copy them! I gave them too you to see what the game is like. I hope this little guide helped!


A Brand New Theme, A Brand New Look!

Hey Monsters! Whats Up? What Do You All Think Of This NEW Theme?

We had The Old One Up For Ages, It Got Boring! This Is A Nice One And Has 2 Sidebars! Loving It And Working With It Is Much Easier And Faster! Hope It’s Better For You All Too! As You Can See MME Is Back Up And Running Now, We Will All Start Continue Posting, And Maybe Taking In More Authors. The Poll Of The Week is Also Now Up To Date, And Running. We Will Get All The Latest Info On Here, And Post As Much As We Can About Moshi And It’s New Features At Least 3 Times A Week!! So What Do You Think? Some New Stuff Have Been Added Here Too, And  A Brand NEW Music Video Will Be Shot Very Soon! 😀

P.S I Have Always Got Emails And Twitter Messages Of People Wanting CLEAR Moshi Backrounds With Monsters And Moshlings, Well Here Is One For Those Who Need Them:


Moshi Monsters Niper And Gabby Theories!

Hey Guys, I Managed To Find Some Pictures From Other Moshi Sites Like MME.

And These Pictures Are Original From Moshi Monsters Or Whoever.

I Dont Know If The Pictures Really Are, So This Is Just Re Search From What i Found…! I Dont Really Know If It’s Fake Or Real… But This Is What I Found:

Edited Picture By 2009Fire15


What Do You Think? What’s Your Theories? Hmmm…??!


Moshi Daily Growl Entries For This Week

Posted by

Roary Scrawl

on September 19, 2011

Ahoy me hearties! Shiver me timbers, it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day! So grab onto yer cuddly pirates, put on yer eye patch and let’s get pirate talkin’.

What did Potion Ocean say to Cap’n Buck? Nothing! It just waved. HA! What’s a pirate’s favorite letter of the alphabet? AAARRRRR! LOL! If there’s one thing I know about pirates, it’s that they LUUURVE jokes. Do you know any good pirate jokes? Comment on THIS blog with your best ones, and a few of you will scuttle up some extra loot!

Don’t be a lilly livered landlubber… go ahead, it’s not HARRRRRd to tell pirate jokes!

Keep your eyes at hand…

Roary Scrawl

Posted by

Roary Scrawl

on September 18, 2011

Who doesn’t luuuurve chocolate cake? Moe Yukky, that’s who! He hates the crumbs. Wanna know a secret? I sometimes eat Grande Gateau for breakfast! Don’t tell Tyra though… Shh!

Do YOU luuuurve Grande Gateau? What time of the day do you like to feed it to your monster? Comment on THIS blog and tell me, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize.

Keep your eyes at hand…

Roary Scrawl

Moshling Beanies – UK Exclusive

Attention UK Moshi fans! An exclusive line of Moshling beanies have been released over at Clinton Cards (UK only). You can find Mr. Snoodle, Angel, Honey, ShiShi, Squidge, and Purdy. Plus, they have super cool Moshi Monsters greeting cards. 

The Clinton Cards Bluewater location is having a Moshi party on Saturday, September 24th from 11AM – 3PM. You’ll be able to meet larger than life Moshi Monsters live in the fur! Fun!

Which new beanie Moshling is YOUR favourite? Comment on THIS POST and tell me which one & why ??

– cool-devil1997

New Party Plinths – Available Now

Woo Woo! That’s the sound of the new Siren Party Plinth. Swish swish! That’s the sound of me petting the new Furry Party Plinth. The only downside to the Furry one is that you have to vacuum it once in a while. You can now buy these Party Plinths over at Yukea. Nice!

The new plinths are actually ultra-rare, which means they won’t always be on the shelves. If the one you’re looking for isn’t there, just keep checking back. Moe Yukky loves having visitors in his shop, even if they don’t buy anything.

Which Of Theses 2 New Party Plinths Are Your Favourite Comment On This Post Saying Which One You Like Best And Why.


Today Is 9/11… A Day In History!!

It Was Early Morning, I Was 2 Years Old. Mum Was Off To Work. News Cast Were On For Weather And General Stuff. But Seconds Later, Hundreds Of Channels Went Live To America. Trade Center On Fire! Only The First Building, And A LIVE Second Building Gets Hit By A Plane! I’ve Watched A Lot Of Footage On T.V Every Year Including Today. And Its Very Sad. In America They Are Holding Dozens Of Ceramonies, And A Couple Here In Toronto Canada, With Thousands Remembering.
1000′s Injured And Hurt.
1000′s Lost Their Lives
1,000,000′s Knowing
And Just More Then A Dozen Out Of Their Minds- Causing This To Happen. :-S:-S:-S
In Respect Of 9/11 I Too Will Take A Moment Of Silence For The Whole Day With Peace And No Computer. God Bless America And Those Who Were Affected. :-(