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Roary Scrawl

on July 29, 2011

The sun is shining, the Crazy Daisies are blooming, the Tikis are singing… Yep, it’s Summer in Monstro City! What better time to take your monster on a HOLIDAY!?!

Have you ever wanted to take your monster on holiday with you? Where would you take it? What kinds of things would you do? I thought it’d be super fun to have a contest to see who can think of the most amazing Moshi holiday destinations. And since we’re on a roll after the Comic Contest, I thought we could have another ART CONTEST!

Here’s how to enter:

* Draw or paint (on paper or in a paint program) a POSTCARD of your monster’s favourite Moshi holiday destination, and include your monster in the drawing

* Make sure you write the name of your destination on your postcard

* Scan it, save it as your owner name and attach your drawing to an email and send it For example, spookygirl’s drawing would be saved as spookygirl.jpg.

Here’s an example:

The winner will receive a MONDO GIGONDO Rox prize and a Katsuma Talking Plush Toy. Comment on THIS blog and tell me your monster’s favourite holiday destination, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize. Yesterday’s Random Rox winners are zahra718166,poppit5005, and goldfish42666.

Keep your eyes at hand…

Roary Scrawl

Posted by

Roary Scrawl

on July 28, 2011

Attention Super Moshis! There’s an all new mission over at HQ (the Volcano) waiting for you. Are you up for the challenge? Be prepared to use your BRAIN POWER. Do YOU have what it takes?

Creak open the doors to Super Moshiversity, meet your new roomie, do some Super Moshi studying with a suspicious Head Master, and uncover the mystery of the raucous nocturnal goings on. Can you sling shot your way past musical Glumps? How about decode some mega glyph puzzles? How about… GASP… tidy your room!?! Helpful tip alert! When your textbooks are open, click the bottom right-hand corner to turn the page.

If you’re not already a Super Moshi and you’d like to have a go at the Super Moshiversity Challenge, just click the Super Moshi badge below to become a Moshi Member so you can get started!

Good luck! Oh, and comment on THIS blog and tell me what you liked best about the latest mission. A few of you will win a Random Rox prize! Yesterday’s Random Rox winners arerasa136britt62499, and eleanor8569.

P.S. Did you have problems completing Mission 5: Pop Goes the Goo Goo? Give it another try because we caught the bug that was causing the problem. Thanks for your patience!

Keep your eyes at hand…

Roary Scrawl

Posted by

Roary Scrawl

on July 27, 2011

Did you know that tomorrow is National Chocolate Milk Day? Well it is. I don’t know what that means either. Do we just drink a bunch of it? Do we have a chocolate milk fight? Maybe we’re supposed to wash our fur in it?

They don’t sell chocolate milk at the Gross-ery but maybe if you buy some Sludge Fudge and a carton of Sour Milk and consume them at the same time it’d be close. Or not. I’m a purist. I prefer my Sour Milk plain, with no frills. How do you like YOUR milk (or rice milk or soy milk or goat milk)? Comment on THIS blog and tell me, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize.

Yesterday’s Random Rox winners are abby231honkasaari, and doru1070.

Keep your eyes at hand…

Roary Scrawl

Posted by

Roary Scrawl

on July 26, 2011

Attention New York City Moshi fans! Local libraries within the Queens and Brooklyn area have signed up to take part in the Top Trumps Championship this summer, from July 12th to August 21st.

If you’re near Brooklyn or Queens, have your parents call your local library to see if they’re participating. Then, head on over with your Moshi Top Trumps deck and get your score card to keep track of your wins. For each game you win, you’ll get a sticker. Get FIVE wins, you’ll receive a small prize (a Super Top Trumps card for example). Win FIFTEEN games by August 21st, and you’ll be able to enter the online elimination game, where you’ll battle it out to try to get into the Top 6 on the leader board. The Top 6 winners from the online round will then face off at a LIVE final heat in September on the observation deck, 69th floor at the Top Of The Rock. Every kid who takes part will be issued a FREE Moshi Monsters Super Top Trumps card that has a unique code to unlock an exclusive item in the game.

Sounds pretty awesome huh? Oh yeah, and I’d like to give a special thanks to David who made the video above, and to all the kids who took part in the video. You rule! If you could have ANY Super Top Trumps Moshi card, which one would you want? Comment on THIS blog and tell me, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize. Yesterday’s Random Rox winners arelauren92101ghostshado, and chocolate2011gymnast.

P.S. Mega Moshi news! Mr. Moshi, the creator of Moshi Monsters, is up for a really cool vote. He’s been nominated to be number 101 in the Media Guardian top media people of 2011. But HE NEEDS YOUR HELP! ClickHERE and scroll to the bottom to vote for Michael Acton Smith, the one and only Mr. Moshi. And HURRY, because the poll is only open for 24 hours!

Keep your eyes at hand…

Roary Scrawl

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