Dustbin Beaver Update

You need to subscribe to the Moshi Monsters Magazine to obtain Dustbin Beaver.

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About 2009Fire15

Hey guys! I am 2009Fire15! 14 years old from Toronto, Canada! I am the owner/founder/creator of the famous Moshi Monsters Expressway website! Don't forget to check it out! Oh and maybe add/visit me on Moshi Monsters! I am also on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube! :) So visit my fan pages! Happy Monstering!

9 thoughts on “Dustbin Beaver Update

  1. hi! I found out what dustbin beaver looks like! I bet a ton of people already know including you but I saw him in the moshi magazine and he doesn’t have blonde hair like the poster it’s brown. But we have a problem-ish. everyone’s lady goo goos every where are coghing when you click on them. what do yu think it means?

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