New Moshling Wurley And New Moshling Set!!


5 Minutes ago I got an invitation from super moshi elder for me to go to the volcano for a new mission!

Heres a picture of the moshling

Isn’t he/she cute! Shes called Wurley from the techies set.

Wurley Is For Members. To Get Wurley, You Have To Complete The New Mission At The Volcano.

Here is A FULL Tutorial For Super Moshi Mission #2:

Very Cool Huh!? What Do You Think!?

-Lukey140701 And 2009Fire15


23 thoughts on “New Moshling Wurley And New Moshling Set!!

  1. To get blingo you have to be a member. plant a red crazy daisy blue dragon fruit and black snap apple.!!!!!! hope u get him!!!! he’s sooooo cool

  2. Roxy: To get Roxy on the login screen under secret code type in hobbididance then plant the flower it gives you. Lady Goo-Goo: You have to complete the first super moshi mission. Secret #3: Any snap apple Any crazy daisy and any dragon fruit. Secret #4: Black love berry blue star blossom and green star blossom!!!!! Hope I helped!!!!!!! Plz add me i am peacesignbabe

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