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Hot off the Press! Posted by Roary Scrawl on February 10, 2011

Do you smell that? Mmmmm! It’s the smell of Moshi Magazine being printed! These pics were snapped just moments ago…


Moshi Magazine will be available starting on February 17th. You’ll be able to find them in the UK at Tesco, ASDA, Spar, The Daily Profit, Waitrose, Martin McColl, WH Smith, Sainsbury’s, One-Stop, and Morrisons, and in Ireland at Eason and Tesco. Plus, you’ll be able to order the magazine online over at Yippee! Comment on THIS blog and tell me why you’re excited about Moshi Magazine, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize!

P.S. I heard that there’s a sneak peek at a brand new Moshling in the magazine…

I nearly forgot! The winner of the Holiday Contest is nay76767, for their “Switchy Day” creation. Stay posted to The Daily Growl for more Switchy Day details. Nay76767 has won a HUGE Rox prize and I gave out a bunch of Slug Slurp Slushies to some of my other favorite holiday-creators. Check it out!


Oh yeah, one more thing! Check out the new contest over at How many ways can YOU think of to accessorize with Moshi Bandz?

Yesterday’s Random Rox winners are Emily080106, scibycat, and Princesstwinkly.

Keep your eyes at hand…

Roary Scrawl


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