Moshi Monsters- The Latest Arby Codes

Full list of Secret Codes/Arby Codes:

Room Item Codes (51)

  • Stackable Lollipop: OOHCANDY1
  • Stackable Midcane: OHHCANDY2
  • Stackable Topcandy: OHHCANDY3
  • Eye Plant: HAPPY44
  • Furry Party Plinth: PARTY
  • Gold Peppy Stunt Bike: PEPPYRARE
  • Gadget Cabinet: GADGETCAB92
  • Gooey Galleon – Figurehead: GALLEON
  • Purple Chair: 2PURPLEARMS
  • Squishy Stool: MONSTERS
  • Big Bad Boombox: BIGBAD67
  • Blobert: MOSHIMOSHI11
  • Cheeky Gargoyle: RASPBERRY
  • Compass: EAST99
  • Confetti Rocket: PROFPURPLEX6
  • Daily Growl Lurve Heart: LURVETHEDG
  • Dodgy Dealz Pen: 1DODGYPEN
  • Fossil: DAILYGROWL74
  • Fun Flowers: FANGTASTIC
  • Happy Birthday Banner: LETSPARTY1
  • Happy Birthday Banner: LETSPARTY2
  • Hamster Ball: HAMMY
  • Hamster Ball: MOSHLINGZOO1
  • Harmony Harp: PLUCKY4
  • Jack O’ Lantern: LANTRN
  • I ❤ Moshi Mug: SLURP1
  • Magnifying Glass: ARTATTACK12
  • Monster Plant: EARTHDAY88
  • Mr Juggles: MOSHIFUNPARK
  • Musical Beanie Blob: DROOL33
  • Mustachio Glump-O-Lantern: FREAKYFRIGHT
  • Pile O Rox: ROXPILE9
  • Poppets Pencil: SK3TCH
  • R2 Trashcan: GINGERSNAP11
  • Rainbow Chair: HUESEAT
  • Rainbow Maker: GOOGENHIME22
  • Roary’s Birthday Balloon: PURPLEPARTY
  • Roary’s Birthday Balloon: EYEBALLOON93
  • Rubber Duck: QUACKYDUCK
  • Scary Gargoyle: ROARSOME1
  • Shakesfear Bust: BARDBRAIN
  • Slime Clock: ICKTOCK
  • Stop Watch: OCLOCK
  • Switchy Tyre Swing: NAY76767
  • Telegroan Booth: LONDONCALLING
  • Telegroan Booth: RINGRING
  • Turbo Top: BIGBADBILL31
  • Snowy Furi: TYRA2222
  • Cuddly Pirate: SWASHBUCKLER33
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175 thoughts on “Moshi Monsters- The Latest Arby Codes

  1. hi there are some codes i would like 2 give out they r just a hint to get rox go to the port and look around 4 a ree with rox on it i can tell u 2 things there r a lot of rox trees and u may have 2 wait till next week because i tried to get some and it said wait till next week add me cousinjeffery thx 4 the codes

  2. here is my oner name and password oner name is maxwell1223 and the password is hunter DO NOT CHANGE THE PASSWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. HEY guys if you need a codes to get Blingo? IF you do you came to the right place this is his code:DJdude456 then plant that seed and any 2 more seed then whit for a bit of hours and there you have it thats Blingo’s code.

  4. HEY PEOPLE im new to this website and i know tonnes of codes! hers one:
    want more codes?
    then add me! the-awesomeness99

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