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Create-A-Clock Winners! Posted by Roary Scrawl on January 12, 2011

This just in! It’s the results of the Create-A-Clock contest!


Here are the winners, in no particular order:


Submitted by innishmore


Submitted by pinkbella864


Submitted by tashycat247

The three winners have each won a HUGE Rox prize, and their creations will be constructed over at MiniBen’s Tick Tock Clock Shop and will be sold in a Monstro City shop soon. Note: It will be several weeks before the clocks become available.

Which winning clock idea is YOUR favorite? Comment on THIS blog and tell me, and a few of you will win a Random Rox prize! Yesterday’s Random Rox winners are coolchick88, lilyanne5045, and erin212121.

Keep your eyes at hand…

Roary Scrawl


6 thoughts on “New Clocks!

  1. To: 2009fire15,

    I am Super Super x100000000000000000 Sorry! To forgive you ALOT I am giving you 5 star rating FOREVER! (Until I’m D-E-A-D or stop moshi when I’m older) I gave the 5 stars just now and tomorrow I’m gonna do it then the next day and the next they and so on! Plz Plz chat with me on moshi I feel left out And I feel like it’s gonna be a really bad day on my bday. 😦

    Sorry And I Hope You Forgive Me And We Be Friends Again,

    Magicland xx

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